Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Akshara stops a boy and says, “I’ll call your father.” He says, “I’m Kabir.” She asks him to come. Some ladies watch. Muskaan says they better leave, they couldn’t stay without Abhir. They see Abhimanyu coming. I have to speak to Akshara and Abhinav, why did they go, their son is here, how should I reach them? They see Abhimanyu coming. Kairav asks why you have problems with us, what do you want to snatch now. Abhimanyu says I have to speak to them, and how do I reach them.

Suwarna says leave them, their lives are on your conditions, she took Abhir’s stuff but couldn’t see him, now she can’t meet him, they left Abhir with you, at least let them cry on their pain while they breathe. In his words, Abhimanyu does not want to snatch their right, he wants them to return to their son. Surekha asks them, is their son able to come back to them, or will you return Abhir to them? No, right. They will prepare for weekends, as usual, but you and Manjiri will find an excuse to stop him.

You know how stubborn I am, Abhimanyu says I will not go until I talk to them. Manish says guests are like Gods. We should welcome them and treat them well, so why not serve them food. He leaves. Akshara asks Abhir to have food. Kabir looks at her and watches her make jam toast. He gets scared when he sees her with a knife. He tries to go outside. She asks where you are going, eat, rest, then go play.

Abhinav gets the neighbors and police. He says there is no one here. The lady says Kabir. Akshara says what is the police doing here, Abhir will be scared. Kabir runs to his mother. She says he isn’t my Abhir. Inspector says you said Kabir wasn’t here, but neighbors saw your wife getting him. Akshara is scolded by the couple. Inspector asks if you want to prosecute them.

Abhinav says no, you know Akshara, we went to Udaipur, the court snatched our child, and she is in shock. Don’t take any action, I promise it won’t happen again. The man says fine, we won’t file any complaint. Inspector says make sure this doesn’t happen again. They leave. Akshara sees Abhinav. She says Abhir…

She gets dizzy. He runs and holds her. He says you have fever, open your eyes. Suwarna says Abhimanyu might have left, call Akshara, he said she isn’t answering. Abhinav takes care of Akshara. Manish says keep an eye on Abhimanyu, it’s better that he doesn’t know about Akshara. Abhinav asks what I will tell him about Akshara. Dadi says call Abhinav if she doesn’t answer. Manish calls Abhinav.

Abhinav expresses concern about my lack of communication and becomes emotional while answering the call. Manish inquires about Akshara’s well-being, to which Abhinav confirms that she is okay. However, Manish suspects that something is not right and demands an explanation from Abhinav. Reluctantly, Abhinav reveals that Akshara is not doing well; she has a high fever and fainted. The doctor has deemed her condition as serious. Upon hearing this news, Abhimanyu exclaims in shock. Kairav intervenes and reassures Abhinav to stay calm, assuring him that they will leave for their location immediately. They hurry off.

In Manish’s opinion, a woman keeps her child in her womb for nine months and then in her lap for one year. She teaches him to walk, after which anyone can take him, but a mother does not keep him away for long, because she feels incomplete without her child. I’m not asking you this, I’m just saying, we are going to Akshara, you think and decide what you want to do. He leaves.

Ruhi passes the ball to Abhir, who appears downcast as he takes it. He proceeds to walk away from the game and towards the temple. Observing this, Abhimanyu is reminded of Akshara and Abhir’s situation. He joins them at the temple and sits beside them. Apologizing for his actions, he questions why they are causing Akshara pain when she is such a devoted follower of theirs. He expresses that winning the game has not brought him any joy and he feels helpless in this situation. Aarohi watches on and offers him some words of wisdom, reminding him that life is not always easy and we often have to make difficult choices. She acknowledges that giving Abhir up will be tough for both him and Akshara, but ultimately it is his decision to make.

He says Akshara is unwell because her son isn’t with her. Abhimanyu cries and says he will not keep his son from his mother. She smiles. Manjiri comes and asks what about this mum. She says I’m a mum, so I know this. Aarohi asks what she means. Manjiri says we are here, and we don’t know if she is really sick or not. Abhimanyu says if she had to do a drama, she would have done it after losing the court case. Abhir watches.


Ruhi sees Abhir leaving. Aarohi says Abhir is nowhere. Police arrive. Abhir says he has to reach mumma.

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