Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd August 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Manish asks why you are saying this. Abhir says I can’t live without my parents forever. Manjiri weeps. If I stay away from them, Abhir says I’ll keep running away. Dadda, I really did not mean to hurt you. You tried to keep me happy, but I just like Kasauli, I tried to feel happy, but I did not feel, because my parents aren’t here. Please fulfill my wish.

Manjiri mentions that you just returned, so we can have a celebratory cake cutting followed by discussions. Abhir adds that he will join once Dadda responds to him. Akshara reveals that Shivansh and Ruhi thoughtfully brought the cake for you. Kairav interrupts, stating that everyone’s trying to be kind but it’s actually causing pain to Abhir. Parth escorts the children away with Nishta. Manjiri acknowledges her mistake of preventing Akshara from meeting Abhir and begs for forgiveness, not wanting her son to suffer for it. Kairav asserts that what truly matters is Abhir’s happiness, as he longs for his parents and even left home because of it. Anand suggests that since Abhir has only been here for two weeks, he may need more time to adjust before making any decisions, and if he still feels the same after some months, then they can reconsider the situation.

Suwarna expresses concern about the potential negative effects on Abhimanyu’s mental health and asks the doctors present for their input, as childhood experiences can significantly impact one’s personality. She turns to Manjiri and inquires if Abhimanyu is currently content. Adding to the conversation, Surekha points out that Shivu and Ruhi may also face similar issues in their own childhood. Parth reminds everyone that Abhir will receive excellent education by staying here, but questions whether Akshara and Abhinav have the means to afford his higher education abroad. In response, Shefali suggests that they focus on progressing and earning well until then, as Abhir’s happiness should be a priority. Finally, Manjiri suggests giving him a chance to continue living here.

Manish believes that Abhinav and Akshara are not capable of improving his future. Due to this, he ran away from the house, even though he excelled in Kasauli. However, things have changed now, as financial circumstances can greatly affect one’s life. For the sake of their child, Akshara and Abhinav have the power to change their situation. Anand expresses concern about keeping the child away from Abhimanyu, but insists that Abhir must stay with them. Aarohi disagrees and argues that Abhir is not content living with them and would prefer to be with Abhimanyu. She is confident that if Abhir had communicated his wishes to Akshara and Abhinav, they would have let him go. Recalling Abhir’s words, Abhimanyu finally loses his temper and asserts his authority over the matter. He yells at everyone to stop contemplating solutions as the court has granted him custody of Abhir, giving him full decision-making power. No one else has a say in this matter anymore.

Abhir inquires of Nishta whether Dadda will grant his wish. She reassures him that whatever Dadda does will ultimately benefit him. Ruhi expresses concern that Abhir will remain despondent if poppy doesn’t send him. Abhimanyu then arrives to escort Abhir away. Muskaan asks if he is refusing to comply. Kairav reminds everyone that they have all heard Abhir’s desires and suggests appealing to a higher court. Eventually, Abhimanyu delivers Abhir to his desired destination and asks if he truly wishes to be with his mother and father. Abhir confirms his desire, leading to a joyous outburst from Akshara and Abhinav. They embrace their son as Tune jo na kaha… plays in the background.

Akshara and Abhinav express their gratitude to Abhimanyu, embracing him with warmth. Meanwhile, Manjiri remains in tears while Abhimanyu takes a step back. Parth acknowledges the difficulty of the situation and advises against getting emotional, reminding that after many years, he has finally been reunited with his son. He adds that he is willing to take on the responsibility but Manish interrupts, commending Abhimanyu for bringing joy into Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhir’s lives despite the sacrifices he had to make. Kairav rejoices at seeing his brother happy and invites everyone to join in cutting the cake.

The cake is cut by Abhir. Shefali asks Manjiri to come for Abhir’s sake. Akshara asks Abhir to give the cake to Abhir. The cake is fed to Abhimanyu by Abhir, and he says, “I’m sorry to break your heart, I will call you Docman, you’re my best friend, I love you, Doc Man.” Abhimanyu gets a phone call and leaves. Ruhi says we’ll take pictures. Abhimanyu cries and lies on the ground, recalling Abhir. Akshara comes and goes to hold him.


Abhinav falls down. Abhimanyu is shocked. Abhir asks where dad went. Akshara scolds Abhimanyu. He tells him Manish has seen you pushing Abhinav, how will you answer Abhir’s question?


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