Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 17th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 17th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Angad taking care of the car, ensuring that it remains undetected by anyone who might come for help. He then turns to Kimaya and advises her to stay calm. He reminds her that it is their engagement day, a special event that marks the coming together of two families, the Jindals and the Khannas. He encourages her to go get ready and make a stunning appearance in front of Kriti and Komal. “You don’t need to change anything about yourself, you are beautiful just the way you are,” he assures her. Kimaya expresses her concern about not wanting to harm anyone, but Angad reassures her that everything will be alright and asks her to wear a smile instead.

Angad greets the girls and asks them to have food. She asks Kimaya why she looks dull. Kimaya asks if she looks good. Malini says you’re perfect, everything’s fine. Viren says yes. He hugs Kimaya and says I chose a diamond just for you. Viren jokes. Angad asks Kimaya to smile. She says I’m scared, if that woman dies… He says smile, no one will know I’m drunk. They move onto the dance floor.

Malini declares that my three daughters are both my greatest asset and my biggest downfall. Aradhana observes quietly as Malini embraces her daughters, envious of their good fortune. Revati accuses Mayank of being a deceitful person, but insists that the actions of the person she is speaking to are even worse. She emphasizes that what was done was a clear violation of trust and a lack of faith in love. Reyansh brings the car to a stop and agrees with her assessment. Revati expresses gratitude for Aradhana’s sacrifices in saving her, wishing her all the best before hastily apologizing and asking Reyansh to do something for Aradhana. As she leaves, Reyansh drives off in a fit of anger and mutters an apology to Aradhana. Komal remarks on how unfamiliar Aradhana must be with the situation at hand.

Aradhana mentions it’s her first day, while Komal describes Beena as “crack.” Aradhana notes that Beena has been kind to her. Komal remarks on Aradhana’s sweet nature and wonders why she decided to come here. Aradhana explains that she is searching for someone, prompting Komal to offer her help. However, Aradhana clarifies that she is looking for a lady with just a nickname and is unsure of her real name. Meanwhile, Malini’s friend Tanu greets her, calling her by the nickname ‘Mimmi.’ This surprises Aradhana, who sees Malini. Viren comments on how Malini doesn’t like being called Mimmi, to which Tanu asks why. Malini responds saying that the past should remain in the past and has no place in her present. This causes Aradhana to burst into tears. Upon seeing this, Malini notices her.


Aradhana leaves and cries. Inspector complains about Kimaya. She says Aradhana filed the complaint. Reyansh beats up Mayank. Vivek asks him to find Aradhana. Aradhana falls back. Reyansh holds Aradhana.

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