Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira is headed to meet Shakti and Shiv, but Nandu intervenes. After being released from his cell by Shakti, Shiv expresses his gratitude. Nandu whispers a reminder to Shiv about his locket, which he brushes off. Ragunath considers thanking Shakti. Manorama is thrilled. Mandira warns Ragunath not to fall for Shakti’s manipulation, claiming she is cunning enough to deceive Shiv. They witness Shakti offering water and holding hands with Shiv. Mandira questions how things unfolded this way, as she had planned all of this to trap Shiv. She had suspected something when he stood against her in favor of going to see Shakti. According to Mandira, this girl has cast some spell on Shiv, causing him to end up in jail and turn against her.

It is imperative that we keep Shiv isolated from this girl, as she poses a potential threat to our family. Ragunath agrees and assures, “I will take him away from here.” Mandira approaches Shiv and suggests, “Let’s head home.” In response, Shiv expresses gratitude towards Shakti. She urges him to take care and he begins to leave but turns around to flash a smile at her, which she reciprocates before he departs. As Shakti notices Shiv’s missing button, Manorama intervenes, saying, “I can see the illness you have. Your actions today have crossed my boundaries and insulted me.” Rimjhim chimes in that their father is present and will find out that Shakti is their cousin.

When Shakti looks around for Shiv, she says, “I didn’t even ask him if he was okay.” Shiv walks to his car and feels like Shakti is close. Nandu teases him.

In the minister’s office, Mandira meets with him. The minister shouts that he did all that on your orders, but I got trapped. Mandira says Shiv is our enemy, I won’t spare him. The minister says he doesn’t want anything with you. He leaves. When Mandira turns around, she sees Shakti. She asks, “How can you do this with your family?”

I thought Shiv was innocent when he was arrested, but all of this happened because of your plan. I thought you were just against me, but you are playing games against your own family. Why? Is it possible that you could be Shiv’s enemy? You let the inspector treat Shiv unfairly and did not care. Mandira screamed, “How dare you?” Shiv is like my son, I cannot hurt him. Shakti says I heard everything, so don’t lie to me.

Shiv is confused when he sees Shakti with Mandira from his car.

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