Anupama 14th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 14th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama asks Romil if they can see his misbehavior but not Adhik. He reveals that Adhik misbehaves with Pakhi. Anupama asks him to be clear. Pakhi signals Romil to stop. After leaving, Romil walks away. Anuj inquires as to what he said. She says Romil spoilt her mood, Pakhi and Adhik must be arguing like any other couple, and Romil misunderstood. The argument begins when Ankush asks her brother for spoilting her mood.

In response, Anupama stops them and reminds them that morals ought to be taught before children are taught. She asks where would a 16- to 17-year-old kid be if they disown him; she says Ankush made a mistake, it does not mean they will abandon Romil; she recalls how Barkha and Adhik felt when their families abandoned them, etc. Anuj warns Ankush not to cover up Romil’s mistakes and punish him when he makes mistakes.

While the Shahs were enjoying their dinner, Samar walked in and was immediately bombarded by Vanraj’s loud request for some crunchy bhindi. As he reminisced about Leela’s deliciously prepared bhindi, Dimpy arrived with packed food. Kinjal suggested they take some of the bhindi, but Dimpy insisted that they didn’t need it and began arguing with them as usual. She then offered Samar a cold sandwich, but he politely declined as it wasn’t to his liking. Leela joked about how a wife doesn’t always know her husband’s preferences, causing Dimpy to become defensive and tell Samar to eat whatever she had brought. Silently, Samar ate his meal while the rest of the Shah family felt sorry for him. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Hasmukh commented that they should all be able to live together peacefully.

Anupama takes juice for Romil and attempts to tidy his room, but he tells her not to bother. While cleaning, she discovers an underwear and questions why it is there. He requests that she send it to the laundry. She suggests that he wash it himself and compares his behavior to that of other teenagers. Having raised her own three children from birth until their marriages, she understands how to handle them. She proposes a deal: she will make any breakfast he desires, and in return, he must eat lunch and dinner of her choosing. She offers to make burgers and pizza for two days as a compromise. Anupama reminds Romil that he has never lived with a family before and advises him to adapt now, just like he will have to when he goes off to college. She also reminds him that he cannot fight with his new family over minor matters, just like he can’t fight with his new friends at college. She brings up his father…

Romil becomes angry and claims to be Ankush’s son, but asserts that Ankush does not fulfill the role of a father. His mother had left him alone with her boyfriend and never bothered to check on him, leaving Romil feeling unloved. His father would try to make up for his absence with gifts during business trips, but Romil craved a father’s affection, not material presents. Romil’s friends would mock him for having an “invisible” father. He then goes on to say that he is not hypocritical like Pakhi’s husband.

Anupama returns to her room lost in thoughts. Anuj, dressed in a blazer for a party, informs her that they will attend his client’s party. He alerts her and asks if she is concerned about Romil. As a result of having gone through the same situation, Anuj says he can better comprehend how unhappy Romil is, how he misses his parents, how his mother disowned him, etc.

Seeing Adhik throw water at Romil, Anupama recalls watching it. Anuj asks why she didn’t let him know before. Anupama says she feels something is wrong between Adhik and Pakhi. Anuj asks if she believes this because of Romil’s comments. When they returned home, Pakhi was terrified because the laptop was broken, and then Romil revealed to Anuj that Adhik had dual faces. Anuj says even he had noticed that.


As Anuj and Anupama stop Romil’s rave party at KM, Anuj asks who supplied their alcohol, and he will complain to their parents. Intoxicated Romil pushes Anuj away, calling him a moron.


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