Suhaagan 17th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya introducing herself as the choti bahu of the house. She touches Mamta’s feet. Mamta blesses and embraces her. She apologizes to Bindiya for misunderstanding her. During the preparation of the food, Bindiya says I had made a mistake with my looks and anyone could misunderstand. Mamta asks if all the food is ready? Bindiya replies yes. She says that she had never had such a tasty paneer tikka before.

Bindiya receives a warm thank you from Mamta. She comments on how cute Bindiya is for also expressing gratitude. Later, she reassures Indu that any misunderstandings will be cleared up and proceeds to praise Bindiya’s simplicity, good values, and talent. Mamta regrets not having the time to exchange currency, but decides to offer dollars as a token of goodwill (shagun). However, Bindiya humbly asks for her blessings instead, as nothing is more valuable than them. This touches Mamta, who tells Indu about her initial misconceptions of Bindiya being moody and temperamental. But through their friendship, she discovered Bindiya’s pure and genuine heart, and that is what brought them closer. Mamta concludes by saying that leading a fake and pretentious life can easily crumble with just a gust of wind.

Sakshi states that Mummy ji is not at fault. Indu reminds her to have dinner first. Mamta promises to try the food and paneer tikka made by choti bahu next time, before bidding farewell and leaving. Bindiya reminds her to take care on her way home. Sakshi reprimands Bindiya for creating a Saas V/s bahu situation and questions whether she purposely humiliated Mummy ji in front of her friend. Bindiya denies any ill intention and Sakshi accuses her of seeking revenge against Mummy ji, using the analogy “the snake is killed but the lathi is unbroken”.

Bindiya had planned to dress up and make a good impression before introducing herself, so that Maa ji wouldn’t lose respect for her. However, Indu immediately dismissed her efforts by calling her illiterate. Despite Baldev ji’s flaws, Indu believes she has blessed him with a precious son and sees Bindiya as a burden on the family. Sakshi seemed to take pleasure in the situation as Indu stormed off to her room. Krish witnessed Bindiya’s tears and approached her in the kitchen. He comforted her and offered her a glass of water, noting how difficult it is to hide one’s emotions. Krish was shocked by Mummy’s rude behavior towards Bindiya and couldn’t understand why she would treat someone so poorly, even though they have every right to do so. Bindiya shared that she never imagined Maa ji would think of her as a burden and was deeply saddened by this realization.

Krish and Bindiya discussed the matter at hand. Krish suggested to talk to their mother about why she scolded Bindiya. However, Bindiya hesitated and offered to speak with their mother instead. She explained that mothers tend to feel their sons are drifting away when they discuss marital issues, and may not consider what is right or wrong. Bindiya did not want their mother to experience this pain. Krish commended her for being knowledgeable on the topic, and she attributed it to her own experiences. Bindiya reassured him that things will work out in due time and urged him not to worry about it.

Krish commends Bindiya for her ability to maintain a positive attitude despite her pain. He assures her that the red color on his hand is not blood, and suggests that she relax. Bindiya, however, is concerned and places her hand over Krish’s mouth to prevent him from saying anything further. Just then, Payal arrives and observes them together. Bindiya expresses her worry about Krish’s well-being and adds that she couldn’t bear to lose him as well. Payal, meanwhile, silently endures her own agony while witnessing their interaction.

Upon arriving home, Baldev is greeted by Bindiya who offers him a glass of water and inquires about his well-being. He shares that Ishwar informed him about Indu’s poor behavior towards her. Bindiya reassures him that Indu has every right over her and advises him not to react impulsively, as Baba used to say that hasty decisions often lead to regret, when problems can be resolved with intelligence. She promises to fix everything. Baldev agrees to talk to Indu. Bindiya tells him to relax, citing Krishna ji’s teachings. Baldev chuckles and tells her to “chill”. She suggests he freshen up while she prepares tea for him. Later on, Indu brings up the incident where she was humiliated by their sanskari bahu.

Baldev asks Indu to relax and occasionally prepare tea for him. Indu then requests him to listen to her. Baldev responds by saying that something will happen when the people they are waiting for arrive, and tells Indu not to worry. However, this upsets Indu and she leaves the room. Meanwhile, Bindiya prepares tea and brings it to Baldev and Indu’s room. She asks Indu about their father’s whereabouts, to which Indu replies with irritation, asking if she is their watchman. Bindiya serves them both tea, telling Indu that she made her favorite jaggery and ginger tea. As Indu places her cup on the table, Bindiya holds onto her ears and apologizes for any hurt she may have caused. She assures Indu that she would never intentionally harm her mother and considers her as the foundation of their family while they are just branches. Bindiya expresses how if the root is damaged, it affects the entire tree and begs for forgiveness from Indu for any unintentional pain caused by her actions.

The precap:

In Bindiya’s college, she enquires about her boyfriend. The canteen guy gives her Krish’s phone number. Payal’s friend tells her about Bindiya enquiring about her. Bindiya calls Krish and speaks with him.


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