Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th September 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Manveer gets jealous seeing Sahiba and wonders what is she doing here. Angad stands speechless. Senior Brars are happy seeing Sahiba. Rumi spreads smoke and snatches Sahiba’s garland.

Rumi says it is him. Savi yells to leave her hand. Sahiba asks him to leave her hand. Angad rushes to her aid concerned. Sahiba says she can’t see anything. Sahiba says someone held her and called her by name. Angad sees her bruised hand and wonders who it could be. He notices Rumi’s face covered and says he was standing near Sahiba.

Rumi runs. Angad runs behind him. Reporters throng Sahiba. Inder shoos them away. Manveer accuses Sahiba of ruining Angad’s happiness. They came here to celebrate Angad’s happiness, but Sahiba made him run behind someone. Sahiba says Seerat should have stopped Angad then, because she didn’t realize it was Angad’s function, otherwise she wouldn’t have come here.

Angad chases Rumi and hurls a pot at him, causing Rumi to fall. Furious, Angad accuses Rumi of daring to touch Sahiba’s hand and demands that he reveal his true identity. However, Rumi puts up a fight and a physical altercation ensues. Amidst the chaos, Japjyoth checks on Sahiba’s well-being and enquires about the man who had held her hand. Sahiba claims she is unaware. The event organizer urges the Brar family to quickly leave with him to avoid unwanted attention from the media. Japjyoth then escorts Sahiba away from the scene. Meanwhile, Angad retaliates against Rumi, but he manages to overpower Angad and makes a swift escape on a motorbike. Veer and his bodyguards arrive on the scene and demand answers from Angad regarding the mysterious man’s identity. However, Angad insists he has no knowledge of who he was talking about.

He comforts Sahiba. The organizer asks Sanjeev to take care of the Brar family. Hansraj enjoys his sandwich and asks staff for more. His wife tells him to stop eating it otherwise he’ll receive a scolding. Hansraj joking with her. Seerat and Manveer yell at Sahiba. Japjyoth warns them to stop talking. Sanjeev apologizes Brars and says he didn’t realize Sahiba was a Brar family daughter-in-law, otherwise they wouldn’t have allowed this to happen.

Brar Daughter-in-law, put your foot down and ask Sahiba to leave. When Angad returns, Sahiba tongue-lashes the event organizer for allowing a man to manhandle his wife at their event. Inder asks if that man has been caught. The organizer apologizes to Angad and says they do not know who that man was. Angad says that man came with the band.

She yells that Sahiba has turned Angad’s event into her own and has attracted attention. Sahiba is already warned by him that her life is in danger after the last event, but she does not listen to him. He warns her to shut her mouth and let them speak. Sahiba asks if she should not come out of the hostel then and asks him to return to his family or else they will blame her. Angad says he does not care about anyone and continues to question her.


Sahiba tells Angad she is repenting after leaving the house. Sahiba says one repents for their mistakes. Rumi cuts the chandelier rope and it falls on Angad.


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