Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Suddenly, Samrudh’s goons shout that a car has come outside as Vinayak and Bhavani open cupboards where Savi and Isha are. Samrudh holds the collar of the driver and asks who he is. He says he is Digambar, Isha madam’s driver, who dropped Isha and a girl at the Tilak Road bus stop and they were on their way to Nashik from there.

It will take them 30 minutes for the bus to fill, so they will catch them on the bus. He leaves with his whole team. Digambar walked to Isha and said he sent them to Tilak road. Isha dropped Savi off at the bus stop and sent Digambar to get Pune tickets. She gave Savi some money and asked her to reach Bhosale Institute by 5 p.m. Savi thanked her and boarded the bus. Bus departs.

As Savi reminisces about Sai’s uplifting words, she realizes the importance of channeling courage like her mother. She acknowledges that Bhavani is simply being true to her nature and is not at fault in her own perception. The familiar tune of “Naina Jo Sanjhe..” echoes in the background. Savi envisions herself as an IAS officer and using her success to repurchase Chavan nivas, so Bhavani can live out her final days there peacefully. Upon arriving in Pune, she catches sight of two lecherous men gazing at her with ill intentions, and a part of her wishes Vinayak was there to protect her like last time when Aayi accompanied her.

A goon believes that she comes from a remote village and therefore easily traps her. One of them hires an auto. One of them asks a passerby about bus timings for Koergaon. According to the man, it is on the other side of the city and no buses run on that route without a fixed time. 3:30 p.m. has already passed and Savi wonders what to do. Goon says he will also be going to Koregaon Park and he can share the fare. Savi agrees. Goon calls his friend and gets into the auto with him and his friend.

Bhavani criticizes Savi for running away from home, stating that it has brought shame upon their family. Vinu blames Harini for aiding Savi in her escape and argues that since her own life is ruined, she has ruined Savi’s as well. In response, Harini confronts him, reminding him that Savi had hoped her brother would support her, but he only ended up being a disappointment. This leads to Vinu shouting at her. Ninad intervenes and warns Vinu not to speak ill about his elder sister. As the argument continues, Bhavani interferes and faults Isha for manipulating Savi and causing chaos in her life. She then declares that she will contact Mandar to find Savi at any cost. Ashwini expresses concern for Savi’s well-being.

Ishan glances at Riva and his video, causing him to feel upset. Savi quickly picks up on the goons’ intentions and takes action by contacting the police commissioner, pretending to be a transferred constable from Koregaon Park police station. The goons become frightened and flee the scene. When the auto driver questions her about being a police officer, Savi confirms and explains that she needs to report to Koregaon Park police station immediately. He informs her that the goons mentioned Budhwar Peth and went in the opposite direction of Koregoan Park, which would take at least 1.45 hours to reach now. Savi politely asks him to take her there as soon as possible, emphasizing the urgency of her arrival.


Savi reaches the Bhosale Institute. In another direction, a cotton seed and flower fall on Ishan and her. Peon tells Ishan that this flower fell on him when he went to meet his wife for the first time and there is a saying in her village that they will be married if this flower falls on them. He is sure Ishan will marry him soon.


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