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Ranbir and Prachi arrive at the hotel. The goons are already waiting. Akshay and Mihika arrive there. Mihika tells Akshay that she has hired professionals. Akshay asks why? She tells them nothing will happen. Akshay asks Mihika to go home, and says he will handle. Ranbir must die, and he thanks you for setting up my home. Prachi and Ranbir are in the hotel room.

The goons show Akshay’s photo and he tells them they will kill Ranbir. They will enter the masquerade party and kill Ranbir. Akshay receives the call and goes. Mihika tells the goon he will kill Prachi. She asks who is giving you money, so you will obey me. Akshay glances at her from afar.

Ranbir patiently waits for Prachi to arrive, lighting a candle in anticipation. She enters the room elegantly dressed in a nightgown, catching Ranbir’s eye. “You look stunning,” he compliments her. Prachi wonders if he bought the dress for her, to which Ranbir confirms and adds that he had no idea she would look this beautiful. He expresses his unwavering love for her, assuring that nobody can ever come between them. “I love you,” he declares, and Prachi reciprocates with equal affection. As he places a gentle kiss on her cheek, Ranbir promises that her tears will never go in vain again. Overcome with emotion, Prachi embraces him tightly as the sound of a song fills the room – “Chal tere ishq me…”

Later that night, Akshay rings the bell and asks Prachi why she is not opening the door, and she says he has been here since midnight. Prachi asks what happened, if everyone is fine at home. Akshay says yes and says he came from there. He says if Ranbir sees me then he will think I am obsessed with you, and he asks her not to tell him he has come here, saying he won’t understand. He leaves.

Prachi comes inside. Ranbir asks what Akshay said? Prachi says how do I know and says I didn’t meet him. He says you just met him. Prachi says you won’t understand and tells you they’re just friends. That’s why you’re here with me, and Ranbir asks why we’re arguing. Prachi says she needs breakfast, and we don’t want to talk about that. She leaves. He thinks he has spoiled her mood and proposes to take her to a couple party at the resort.

A goon tells Akshay they are coming in the evening. The goon says he will kill Prachi and Ranbir just as the light goes out. Prachi and Ranbir wear masks and dance. A recording is taken by Mihika, and Ranbir sees Akshay staring at them and says he will kill him. A manager stops the goons from entering the party, saying only guests can enter.

When Mihika takes the knife, she is about to stab Prachi when Akshay comes in between and gets stabbed in the stomach. She thinks that if Prachi doesn’t die today, she will kill my love. Everyone sees Ranbir holding the knife in his hand. He takes the knife out of his stomach. Akshay falls to the ground. Prachi shouts. Someone says he killed him. Ranbir says he didn’t kill anyone. Mihika comes there and pretends to be shocked and says Bhai.

Ashok receives the news of Akshay being stabbed. Upon hearing this, Vishaka urges him to call again. Sadly, Ashok confirms that Akshay has passed away. Meanwhile, Prachi informs the inspector that Ranbir is not guilty. Just then, Mihika arrives and reiterates that Ranbir is innocent. The inspector reveals that the waiter claims Ranbir was angry with him. Later, in court, Ranbir is given a 45-day window to prove his innocence. Before leaving, he asks Prachi to take care of everyone at home. To which Prachi responds by telling him to also take care of himself. The lawyer assures Ranbir that they will gather evidence within 45 days which will lead to his release. Optimistically, Mihika adds that all her hard work will pay off once he is free from custody.

In 45 days, Prachi informs Manager that Ranbir did not stab Akshay, says you saw it, and asks him where you were? The Manager says he did not want to be involved in the case. Prachi and Ashok ask him to assist them and give a statement in court. In exchange for money, Mihika tells Ranbir’s lawyer that she will lose the case later and that she will win and will save him. He says he wants him to be away from Prachi. She sends him a recording and asks him to show it in court.

Prachi feels dizzy as she approaches the courtroom. The lawyer of Ranbir tells the Judge that Ranbir is innocent, and the other lawyer shows the video proof, and the Judge declares him guilty and hangs him. Ranbir is shocked. Mihika is shocked as her plan backfired. Prachi and Ashok arrive there. Mihika informs them that Ranbir received hang punishment. Prachi sits stunned.

Ashok informs Mihika that he will be taking Prachi home, as he believes that her current situation of being pregnant is not suitable. He takes her away from the scene, leaving Mihika in disbelief. She blames herself for Ranbir’s sentence and immediately contacts the goon Tony, requesting him to abduct Ranbir from the police van and bring him to her. Tony follows through and shoots at the police jeep causing it to lose control and plummet off a nearby cliff. In a state of shock, Mihika arrives at the site and demands to know where Ranbir is. The goon explains how his actions led to the van’s downfall, resulting in Ranbir’s death. Enraged, Mihika retaliates by shooting and killing the goon before crying out for Ranbir’s lost life.

Ashok informs Manpreet that Ranbir has been hanged, but he will reopen the case. As Mihika told him Ranbir was innocent, Manpreet said that Ashok needed Ranbir to return and Prachi was pregnant. As soon as Vishaka gets a call, she informs them that the police van in which Ranbir was taken to jail has crashed in the valley. Prachi sits in shock.

A girl calls Poorvi after 20 years and hugs her. Poorvi arrives and gives something to the cooks. Vishaka calls asking for medicine. Manpreet asks her to give oil. Poorvi gives Vishaka medicine, and then gives oil to Manpreet. Poorvi tells Vishaka that the diya won’t set off. Manpreet says, “You’re the diya of the house.” Prachi likes Poorvi’s dupatta.


Poorvi tells Prachi that kumkum bhagya catering runs their house, so they have to take care of it. The guy looks at Poorvi.

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