Kumkum Bhagya 14th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

A visit from Akshay to Ashok’s cabin begins the episode. Ashok ends the call while talking to someone else. Akshay says your son is very mannerless. He then tells that he just met Rhea and found out that Prachi had not discussed this with anyone. He says she might be reconsidering since she hadn’t told Rhea anything.

Ashok says if this is the case, I’m pleased, but she hasn’t come to the office yet. Akshay calls Prachi, but she doesn’t answer. Akshay says he will leave the office and inform him if he hears anything from Prachi. Akshay calls Dadi. Shahana asks what you are doing in the middle of the road. Dadi says hello. She can’t hear. Shahana takes the call. Akshay asks Shahana why Prachi hasn’t come to work yet. She tells Dadi that she lied to Akshay so that he wouldn’t get hurt. Akshay thanks her and ends the call.

Dida is in Ranbir’s room. Rhea says I’ll clean Ranbir’s room. Dida says I announced Ranbir and your marriage when Akshay proposed to Prachi, and I thought after Prachi moved on, I’d announce Ranbir and your marriage. She asks her not to punish Ranbir for what she did. Rhea recalls confronting Ranbir for asking Dida to make an announcement. She regrets her actions and thinks of talking to him.

Ranbir breaks the signal and drives off. Rhea calls him and apologizes. Ranbir asks why she’s apologizing. Rhea says the breaking signal is wrong. Ranbir says Khushi is kidnapped and I’m going to rescue her.

Rhea asks how did this happen? Ranbir says he met her today morning and gave her his spare phone. Khushi called and said she was kidnapped. Rhea says she knows the haveli and asks him to meet her on the way. Ranbir says ok. He tracked the number and then realized she was in the haveli near the railway station.

He calls again. Prachi is in the car with Veera and others and thinks about Khushi. Veera asks Prachi to pick up the phone. Prachi answers. Akshay asks why your call is unavailable.

Asked where she is going, Prachi replies that someone kidnapped Khushi and that Laali and Bindi’s mother are with her. She says Balbir has kidnapped Khushi. Akshay asks where she is going. Prachi replies that someone kidnapped Khushi and tells her that Laali and Bindi’s mother are with her.

In response, he asks why she would call Ranbir and says that Khushi loves him. He says he will meet you at sector 55 and take all the ladies in his car. Prachi refuses, but he insists. In a short time, Inspector calls Prachi and tells her that they have found the car in which Khushi was kidnapped. Prachi thanks him for starting the investigation and ends the call. Veera and his friend sign each other’s signatures.

Seeing the clothes, Dida and her sister look at them. Pallavi says it’s pastel colours, so she asks them to wear bright shades. Badi Dida says the occasion is Rhea and Ranbir’s wedding. Pallavi gets up and says the marriage will happen, but Dida says we will take our time. Badi Dadi says we have started the process and will complete it as soon as possible. Pallavi gives medicine to Dida and juice to Badi Dadi.

When Badi Dida says everyone will get two clothes, Pallavi asks why. Badi Dida replies that one side is for Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage, while the other side is for Akshay and Prachi’s marriage. Upon arriving, Rhea waits for Ranbir. Akshay waits for Prachi and thinks she hasn’t arrived yet. Rhea pays the cab driver and gets down. She asks Akshay why he is so stressed. Akshay describes everything to her.

She says Ranbir also went in search of Khushi. Akshay tells Rhea that they will go to the haveli. He tells her to call Ranbir and then tells her they aren’t together, but want the same thing. Rhea asks what he’s saying. Akshay replies that they don’t know they are looking for Khushi.

In an isolated place near a cliff, Veera pulls over. Prachi asks why he brought us here. Veera asks if I am mad, do you think I am foolish? Prachi asks what he is saying. Veera says that you are involved with the police and want reward money. Despite being Balbir’s stepbrother, Veera says he doesn’t deserve to be his enemy. Laali asks what you are saying. Veera slaps her hard. Prachi asks what you are saying.

A gun is pointed at them by Veera and he says that the car will hit them. He asks his goon to tie their hands and feet. Prachi, Laali, and Bindi’s mother are shocked.

Veera is about to hit Prachi and others with the car when Ranbir stops his car to keep them safe. Rhea calls Prachi’s number. Veera picks up and says he will kill Prachi. Rhea and Akshay are shocked.

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