Faltu 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu starts by applying the sindoor. She talks to Ayaan’s picture and gets sad. The girls ask her who she is talking to. Faltu reveals she was reminding herself to not make food anymore.

The girl says okay. Faltu says I’m worried that the coach will force me to leave the academy. The girl says no, he is really happy that you play well and cook so well that he’s allowed us to throw a party tonight, all thanks to you. Due to my commitment to practice, Faltu will not attend the party. Savita says the servant doesn’t know that your photo has been removed from this frame. Ayaan says it’s okay. Tanisha says it might have been replaced. She wonders where the image will end up.

When Ayaan gets the call, he asks did you get the information about the sim owner, and where he lives. The man says he made the call from Mittal’s house. The man says it is true, I will call you if I get any more information. Ayaan says to Tanu, that caller is smart. She asks if Faltu made the call. He says she would have called from a far location, not our house.

When he heard Sid and Sumitra talking, he questioned him, he was talking about his friend, it was embarrassing, I will find out who this is. She asks him not to take the stress. It’s party time. The girls get the drinks. They dance. Faltu watches. Vishal checks the stock. The girls spike Faltu’s drink. They make Faltu dance. Vishal hears the music.

Sid gets scolded by Tanu. She says you should have changed your mobile location before telling Ayaan about Faltu’s Sindoor, did you think Ayaan is brainless, he can’t trace your location, I’m tired of believing you, you are doing this so Ayaan and Faltu can unite, so you’re cheating me. Sid cries. Faltu takes the drink. She feels dizzy.

Sid says you constantly question my credibility, for making the wrong assumption that you were a true pal and expecting earnestness from your end. Tanu apologizes, saying it’s not her fault. Sid accuses her again of continuously doubting him. She pleads with him to remain by her side and assures it won’t repeat. He gives her one week and promises to provide the details of the caller but swears that he has nothing to do with this situation; they will discuss respecting each other’s friendship after a week.

The girls say that Vishal is impressed by Faltu, that he will train her and she will train us. They ask Faltu to talk to Vishal. Faltu says she will call him in the morning. They tell her to leave right away. Faltu falls asleep. Sid calls Ayaan today itself. Sumitra asks if your location is traced.

I will go far and call him, it might be our last chance to tell Ayaan the truth, so I will be careful. Vishal enters the girls’ room and asks what’s going on. He sees Faltu sleeping and everyone partying.

Sid calls Ayaan. He says you don’t trust me, so you ignored the big news. Ayaan says yes, Faltu denied it. He asks for proof. Sid asks did you believe her, you will get proof soon, your wife also knows this truth, and be wise and ask why Faltu changed her behaviour and became rude toward you, think Ayaan think.


He takes Ayaan along to meet Faltu and says, “I have to find out the truth today.”.

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