Faltu 16th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan and Tanisha see Faltu. As Ayaan holds Tanisha close, he takes her to the room. She asks what’s the surprise. She smiles. He thanks her. He says I want to give you my heart forever. You deserve it, I am so grateful to you, you always ignore my mistakes and forgive me.

He says you’ve done a lot for me, you’re the one. She says thanks, why are you saying this today, I love you, your happiness means a lot to me. The most important thing for me now is your happiness. You always say that we should forgive the mistakes of the past and move on. I want to do it today, I want to move on in our friendship. Will you accept me and my annoying habits forever?

Ayaan smiles and holds her hand. She says of course, but are you sure you want to move forward? Ayaan is shocked. He drops the phone. The man says you wanted to know who filled Faltu’s maang, you did it before you fell unconscious.

Ayaan remembers Faltu’s words. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. Tanisha stops Ayaan. He rushes to Faltu’s room and knocks on the door. Tanisha says maybe it’s a prank call. Faltu opens the door. Ayaan asks who filled her maang. She says it’s not related to you. He says it’s related, someone called and said I had filled sindoor. Sid comes and asks what’s going on, we’ll talk slowly, the family will hear us.

In response to Tanisha’s question, Ayaan says I too want to know why Faltu hid this from me. Sid smiles. Ayaan says I asked Faltu about this, but she refused. Tanisha says to come with me. Ayaan says you go Tanu. Kumkum hears everything. Faltu says you didn’t apply sindoor to me. Tanisha says please come with me. Tanisha fumes. Faltu sits crying. She asks what this means, that Ayaan still cares for her.

Faltu asks who told Ayaan this. Tanisha gets angry at her. It was foolish of me to not understand your cleverness, you can fall to any level for money, your dad needed money for treatment, was he really ill or did he do something to get you here? Tanisha says stop the drama, why did you do this, did you make your dad or brother call Ayaan?

I swear on Matarani I didn’t call Ayaan, how can you blame me, if this was my motive, then I wouldn’t have called him, I would have told him. Faltu says enough, stop it. Tanisha says you fooled us. Faltu says I swear on Matarani, I didn’t call Ayaan, how can you blame me.

Then Tanisha says you would have told him if you wanted. Faltu swears and says he wants you and Ayaan to unite and that he will try to make him hate me. Tanisha leaves. He leaves and Kumkum says Ayaan and Tanisha fought. Harsh asks if they had an argument at the party. She says she doesn’t know, but we’ll talk to them tomorrow. Kanika calls Tanisha and asks how Faltu gave her attitude. Tanisha replies I’ve seen Faltu’s courage and Ayaan’s anger. I love Ayaan and I can’t lose him.

Kanika says to leave everything to me, and keep an eye on Faltu, I will execute the plan, and we will assassinate her character. Kumkum asks Tanisha about Ayaan. Dadi tells Tanisha to forget it, tomorrow is Mahashivratri. She asks Tanisha to do the Rudra Abhishek, as she has to fast.

Then Kinshuk comes and promotes a Hotstar show. Faltu says I will also keep a fast for Ayaan’s long life.


Tanisha says she remembered, I got Faltu’s food. She asks if you also fasted, come, I will feed you. Faltu worries.

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