Faltu 14th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu gets the locker keys. She checks and finds nothing. She calls Suhana and says she didn’t get anything. Suhana says she didn’t find the papers either. Kinshuk tells Faltu to hurry up.

Suhana says we should leave. Faltu says I won’t go without proof. Suhana says we have checked the entire house well. Faltu says to think about what places are special to Tanu and Kanika. Suhana says Kanika loves business and believes in Guru ji. Faltu thinks. She asks if Guru ji is available at this place. Kinshuk comes and says we will leave. Faltu says I feel we will find it in Guru Ji’s room, so we will go and check once. Suhana says Kanika has made a special room for Guru ji.

The photo frame falls. Faltu gets a file. Kinshuk and Tanu check the papers and say it has all the details of the fraud deals. Faltu says we should leave now. They are happy. Ayaan gets a call from the constable. He tells her he has been attacked in lockup by some goons. She asks what happened, and how could this have happened. She says I’m going to meet Ayaan, Kinshuk will take Suhana home, don’t worry about me, I will have to show Ayaan this document.

After seeing Ayaan at the police station, Faltu cries. Inspector asks her to leave. Faltu argues with him. She says she’ll administer first aid to Ayaan. He scolds her and tells her to leave. ‘You should have taken care of him, you have crossed the line,’ she says to him. He asks her to leave. Ayaan asks her not to get angry. She does aid to his wounds and cries.

I forgot to tell you I got the file, it’s in my bag. Inspector says to check her bag, and see what’s in it. Ayaan says the inspector is with Tanisha. Faltu says I won’t show it to anyone without a warrant. Ayaan should not worry, she will get him out of jail soon.

He calls someone. Faltu arrives home. Sid stops her and says, wow, this coffee has made me sleepless, you have added the sleeping pill to my food. She asks what. Kinshuk and Suhana appear. Suddenly, he says, I don’t know, I was thinking, why were we feeling sleepy, what did you think? Everyone comes. Sid says Faltu will go to jail. Janardhan asks why. Sid says asking her what’s in her bag, and how did she get all those documents.

He says she had gone to Tanu’s house to steal some files, and she can be jailed for trespassing and stealing. Sid tells Savita to shut up. Dadi scolds Sid. Faltu says Sid is right, I went to Kanika’s house. Kanika asks Sid how dare you. She asks him to call the police.

Why are you getting hyperactive, Janardhan says? Kanika says it’s our company’s confidential files. Faltu says it contains proof of Ayaan’s innocence, so I won’t give it to anyone. Kanika says to call the police. Faltu says to call the police, it will make my work easier, I’ll show Ayaan’s original documents and prove his innocence. Kanika asks Janardhan to check Faltu’s deeds, claiming she has become a thief. Tanu says Kinshuk and Suhana are also involved.

Kinshuk says it is imperative to save Ayaan. She asks what about our baby? Faltu says I dragged him into this. Tanu says return my files. Janardhan says these files can prove Ayaan is innocent. Then she pushes Faltu and snatches her bag. Tanu checks the files and says they are not those. Kanika also checks. Faltu laughs.

‘You thought I would give you the proof, you don’t know me, you want to end the proof, I have kept the file safe, I will save Ayaan, I will save my family’s reputation. Tanu raises her hand. Faltu holds her hand.


Ayesha says Ayaan is still in jail, so what do you all want? Savita gives Faltu the gold bangle and spoils her.

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