Faltu 18th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kanika scolding Ayaan. She asks why are you saying this? She asks why did you conceal the fact that Faltu plays cricket, why did you give 1 lakh to Faltu to help her, and don’t lie, I have seen Faltu in her cricket academy. He says fine, I accept that I have lied, I have hurt you, and I wanted to tell everyone. She asks how long will you lie and keep Tanisha in darkness. He says no one understands why.

Faltu and you lied to me, so I stopped her from the trial match. He asks what, why did you do this. He says I’m loyal to Tanisha. If you lied to your dad and your future wife, as well as the entire family, I want to know why you lied. She says then prove it before marriage. You will get your answers, then I’ll sit in the mandap with your daughter. Govind asks why the marriage preparations were stopped. Ayaan replies I did it.

Savita asks what happened, is everything okay. He says I need to tell you something. Let Kanika and Tanisha come, he says. Savita asks if you’re going to tell anything related to your birth. Ayaan says no, but whatever I’m going to tell dad, he’ll say that I’m not his blood. Kanika and Tanisha show up. Sid asks what happened, you look worried. She asks Ayaan, did anything happen?

In Sumitra’s opinion, he’s making us worried, so let dad come. Janardhan asks what’s going on, the house should look joyful, Kanika came early, and she says your son called us. Ayaan says I have to tell you something. Tanisha asks what will you do? Bua stops Faltu.

It will be wrong for Ayaan to hide the truth. I know I will hurt you the most, but I cannot sit in the mandap with Tanisha with this lie burden on my shoulders. Sid asks him to think, Janardhan’s respect shouldn’t be tarnished. Ayaan says I did this for humanity. Sumitra says we will decide what you are hiding. Ayaan says Faltu and my truth.

As Tanisha asks, does that mean you’re cheating me? He says no. Kanika asks if he’s telling the truth. Ayaan says Faltu came with me, I brought her here. Tanisha asks what that means, Pappi and Ratan are telling the truth. Sid claps and says wow, Ayaan, you should have kept some shame in your eyes. Ayaan says he is ashamed of himself for getting Faltu here, but also because he has lied to Tanisha.

He tells them everything about when I met Faltu. Sumitra and Sid taunt Ayaan for his lie. Bua says he didn’t do anything wrong, he just helped Faltu. Since I love Bua, I brought her home. Kanika says stop it, you have shown how happy you were with your engagement. She taunts him for making Faltu elope.

Sumitra says Ayaan is out now. Ayaan says I am sorry for what I have done, but my intentions weren’t wrong. Dadi asks why you lied to us. Since I didn’t want to hurt everyone, I thought I would make Faltu reach her destination so things would be fine, Pappi reached Bua’s house.

A tearful Faltu prays that everything gets fine. Harsh tells her that she should have told us. Bua says he couldn’t because he couldn’t talk about cricket. Kumkum says even then he should have told us. Sumitra scolds Faltu.

Ayaan defends Faltu and says it’s my mistake. Don’t tell Faltu, it’s my fight, and I have to fight it, I didn’t intend to hurt you all. Kanika says fine, you could have told Tanisha the truth, she’s your childhood friend. He says he didn’t want to cheat on her so I told her now, sorry to hide this, but I’m wondering if saving the lives of girls is sinful or not.

Ayaan apologizes to Janardhan and says that if he hadn’t confronted you yesterday, he would not have told anyone this truth. Kanika says that you want to prove you are right because you told us in guilt.

Sid smiles. Kanika says Janardhan is also responsible for this. Ayaan says no, you won’t tell my dad anything, I never lied to him, I know. He apologizes to Janardhan.

He begs Janardhan to help Faltu. Janardhan becomes angry. Ayaan says he just wanted to help Faltu. Sid says you have given such a big cheat. Ayaan says enough, what you wanted has happened. Sid asks what. Ayaan says you fed the wine to Faltu last night just to prove I was wrong. Sid worries.

The precap:

As Janardhan scolds Ayaan, Tanisha breaks the engagement and refuses to be married. Sid smiles.

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