Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Prachi tells Kaya in the episode that she encountered some people who promised her everything and then snatched it from her. Despite the floor manager’s refusal to open the room, Kaya thinks someone closer to her must have betrayed her. Ranbir calls Kaya, asking her to come, as the floor manager refused. Prachi and Priya arrive at the Sahara Plaza office in the car.

Prachi asks the driver to go and says if you want, you can go back to the hotel. The driver says I’ll wait here, no problem. Prachi gets out of the car. The security guard tells Prachi not to park the car here as it is a premium parking space. Prachi says she will get premium parking and asks if he doesn’t trust her. The guard thinks of Ranbir and says a man refuses to park in premium spaces and fights me when he shows up.

Ashok calls Prachi and asks where she is. Prachi says she is outside his office. He says I have sent you to Delhi. Priya asks him to let them go. Prachi says she fulfils her promises. He says you are my sunshine and I want to adopt you, and not just because of your work, but because of your character as a gem.

She says she fulfils her promises and I have sent you to Delhi. He says I have sent you there. Prachi says you praise me like a father and asks if you want my boss to scold me. You are my sunshine and I would like to adopt you. Ashok laughs and asks her to win. Prachi says you praise me like a father and asks if you want my boss to scold me.

Prachi and Priya come to the office. A guy sees her and says she must have acted and got this special post. He says I deserve this post and promotion. Priya comes out and asks Aashiyana to come for the meeting. They go to the conference hall. Prachi tells the guy she wants two things from her staff, honesty and loyalty. She asks him to have the strength to say anything loudly and calls him Mr. Satyendra.

She asks him to sit straight. He says he has neck pain. Prachi asks if he is saying the truth. He says you have done good work. Prachi says that’s why I’m the CEO. She says we’ll work together and asks everyone to read about the project and give their opinions. She says every opinion is important and tells Satyendra that girls can gossip and work as well.

As Kaya opens her door to enter her room, he asks Ranbir, “How dare the floor manager not open the door for you?” She says she’s going to complain about it. He says no, don’t complain. Kaya asks if he didn’t insult him. He says he might lose his job, and then what he’ll do, you’ll repent. He says he’s giving access to the person whose name is on the room. Kaya asks if Dad asked you to say that.

Ranbir inquires why she said that and reminds of the fact that he is her father who loves her. Taking out the papers, Kaya reveals them to be construction site documents to show them to their architect and address the issue. Slipping, she is caught by Ranbir’s hold, who then enquires if she was alright. Kaya then jokingly accuses him of trying to impress her. Responding back, Ranbir suggests she take out any such thought from her mind as he saw how people were observing her in the reception and can’t comprehend why they were doing so when she is not bad. Thus, asking her to move aside or else he will hear something more, Ranbir concludes his conversation with Kaya.

Prachi comes to her cabin and says she will miss her Bangalore cabin. Ashok calls Prachi. Prachi picks up the phone. Ashok asks why she picked up the call late and asks if she has a boyfriend. Prachi asks how do you know? It seems that you were telling me that the old man gave her a bad cabin, but the Bangalore cabin was good. Priya says Maam had said this to her.

Ashok says that’s why I regard her as my daughter and tells Prachi to cheer up and says memories are because we and we don’t live with memories and that I’ll send Shahana and Dadi there soon. Ashok says ok. Prachi asks how your first day at your office was. He asks if you don’t tell me, I won’t know. In his opinion, everyone is extremely impressed with you, and he thinks that they got shocked and couldn’t have seen a smart CEO like you, so they got jerked.

Priya says your spy must have told you. He asks her to take care and ends the call. Prachi tells Priya she will meet her at the hotel and departs. Satyendra tells another employee that any girl can be smarter and that she became CEO because she is a girl, not because of her talent. He says she stole this job from me, he’s not sure why her boss liked her so much. He says he hates her because of her.

Ranbir arrived at Mr Walia’s office, and Kaya joined him soon after. The older gentleman cast an inquisitive glance in her direction before Ranbir prompted her to take a seat, but she declined and suggested they focus on the file instead – apparently it had some architectural difficulties that required attention. Mr Walia asked how she was doing, but received no response from her; he received a call just then and left the room. Kaya looked to Ranbir and said not to pass judgement on her, to which he responded by saying that was entirely up to her and that it may be for valid reasons. She hastily proclaimed her motivations were valid, adding that she would act on impulse whenever she felt like it.

Aryan calls Ranbir and asks him to come and save him. He says he is very stressed, and he asks him to come there. As Kaya hears Ranbir say, “I am coming there, my jaan.” He then says he will leave. Kaya asks, “How can you leave me alone?” Ranbir says you are from abroad. He says he’ll get her a car. Kaya wonders if he has a girlfriend.

Ranbir returned home, where Aryan warmly welcomed him with a hug. Ranbir mentioned to the girl and her family that the two of them share an emotional bond. Pallavi suggested that in case they have any queries, then Aryan could answer them. The girl’s parents said that they would need some time to discuss things and make a decision. Dida commented how nice it is that their kids listen to them, unlike others. With this, she reaffirmed the strong relationship between the brothers. Ranbir jokingly added that if they had been fond of someone too, perhaps they wouldn’t find themselves alone in the realm of love. This remark made Aryan think about Shahana, bringing forth a wave of nostalgia.

Prachi sees Khushi falling on the road. She gets out of her car and runs to her.

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