Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on          

Abhinav tells Akshara that it is no more about her and Abhinav but now it is all about their son Abhir. Akshara says that the matter will become about her and Abhimanyu as she knows him very well. He will start the same taunts all over again and she does not want to go to him. Akshara says we will do our best for Abhir but we will not go to Abhimanyu.  Abhinav pleads with Akshara not to be so stubborn.  She says she is not being stubborn but only needs to keep their lives separate.  Abhimanyu is getting married now and if at this time they go to Udaipur everything will be ruined.  Abhir is just now fighting the biggest battle of his life and she does not wish to fight any other battles elsewhere. That’s the reason she has not told Manish anything as yet. Akshara does not want Abhimanyu to ever know that Abhir is his son.

Abhinav makes her understand that Abhir can go to him as a patient and not his son.  They both know that Abhimanyu is the only person who can save Abhir just now. Akshara replies that she and Abhinav are Abhir’s parents.  Only they can decide what to do.  And as a doctor, she will choose the best doctor and that doctor can never be Abhimanyu Birla. She says the doctor has given them the names of the best 10 surgeons to choose from. If they go to Abhimanyu their family will be shattered.

Abhir is trying to convince Neela to get either pizza, momos or cold drinks for him.  She tells him that he is unwell so he cannot have anything.  She gives Abhir her phone and goes to do some chores. Abhir sends a message to Abhimanyu that he is fine now. Since Abhimanyu does not have the number saved he replies asking who is this.  Abhir decides to have some fun and continues chatting without revealing his name.  Abhimanyu shows Aarohi the messages and she tells him that it looks like some girl has fallen for him. Abhimanyu calls back on the number to check who it is.  But the call gets disconnected and then the phone is switched off.

Akshara thanks the doctor for calling Dr Vyas for the surgery who is coming the next morning.  He hand over some forms and the bills that has to be paid before the surgery. Abhinav and Akshara get shocked when he sees a bill of Rs 20 lakhs. Abhinav and Akshara come home.  Neela and Abhir are both sleeping.  Abhinav and Akshara gather all the cash in the house that is saved in different places.  Akshara also removes her jewellery. They realize they don’t have enough money to pay the bill.

Akshara calls Manish to ask him for a favour.  Abhinav snatches the phone and refuses to borrow money from Manish.  He promises Abhinav to make arrangements for the money before the surgery in the morning.  Both Abhinav and Akshara call all their contacts to ask for money.  Abhir wakes up and asks them why they are still awake.  Abhir is hungry but the doctor has asked to keep him fasting for 12 hours before the surgery.  Abhinav convinces him not to eat anything otherwise the medicines will not work.  Akshara sings for him and puts him to sleep. Abhir expresses his surprise at Akshara singing so well. Abhir falls asleep.  Abhinav promises Akshara that she will arrange for the money by morning. 

In the morning Akshara applies Tilak to Abhir before going to the hospital.  She tells Abhir that he has to undergo a small surgery because of his breathing problem.  Abhir tries to convince her to tell the doctors to give him medicines instead of doing surgery.  Akshara prepares him mentally for the surgery.  Abhir says he is ready because his mom and dad are with him.

Neela tells Akshara not to worry about the food. She will get the food and things from home.  Akshara is worried because Abhinav has not yet come home.  Abhinav is walking on the road and crying.  Just then he gets a call from Akshara. Akshara gave the doctor and the jewellery to the doctor.  She tells him that all this is about 1.5 lakhs so take this and start the surgery.  She says Abhinav is on his way with the rest of the money. The doctor says he and his senior doctor are guests in the hospital.  They have to follow the hospital rules. They have waited for an hour already and cannot wait anymore.  He says the surgery cannot happen today and goes away.

Abhir again sends a message to Abhimanyu without giving his name.

Akshara goes to the doctor to again convince him to go ahead with the operation as her son is critical.  The doctor says his senior doctor has an important surgery scheduled in Delhi hence they cannot wait. The doctor advises Akshara to either reschedule the surgery or arrange for another doctor


Akshara asks Abhinav that when he knows we cannot afford Rs. 20 lakhs why did he bring Abhir to such a fancy hospital? She tells Abhinav that his stubbornness will take their son’s life.

Manjiri sends Abhimanyu and Aarohi to a resort for a 3-day holiday where there will be no phones or wifi available.

The doctor recommends Dr Abhimanyu Birla’s name for Abhir’s surgery.

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