Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As Prachi enters the hotel room, Kaya arrives with Ranbir. The guys in the hotel stared at her. Ranbir asks the guy what he saw, and Kaya asks Megha about her room. She says she has suite 304. Megha asks the staff to keep the luggage in her room. Kaya asks Ranbir where is he lost. She says he gets lost every two minutes. Prachi walks into the room no 305 after the staff opens the door.

Upon arriving, Ranbir and Kaya are with the staff. Ranbir keeps his hand on room no 305. The staff member tells him that this isn’t his room. He says that room 305 is the best room, all the mountain views are visible from here, and a river can be seen from room 305. Prachi tells Prachi that a river can be seen. Kaya says this is nice, but a river view is better. Ranbir looks at the mountain.

Kaya demands Ranbir to know why he is deliberately making her uncomfortable and suggests that he can just ask what is on his mind. She questions him about why he is not doing so when she has a house in the city. Ranbir replies that it is her decision. Kaya then wonders out loud if destiny brought her here. To this, Priya explains to Prachi that fate might have led Kaya here to reunite with those who she loves dearly. Though Prachi does not agree with this notion, feeling disbelief and uncertainty in regards to what Fate may have planned.

When she asks him why he is here he says his destiny brings him there. He says your conference is here. Ranbir says I came to drop you off. Aryan’s call gets Aryan’s call and he says he’ll go. Kaya says I should have given him the money. Ranbir says that’s okay. Kaya says you’re the type that gets happy when people are happy. Aryan calls and he says he’ll go. Kaya asks why you stared at me downstairs.

I was wondering if you had any problems because others were staring at you. She says they stared at me, perhaps because they liked me. Ranbir asks Kaya if she wants to go now. Kaya says no. Ranbir tells Aryan he will be late. Kaya takes off the papers and asks Ranbir to sign them.

Whenever Prachi comes, you shall inform me, Minty aunty says. Priya thinks she should give her a shawl. Minty aunty calls her son Dabboo. He asks her to call him Ganesh. Prachi meets Minty aunty and she tells her you were married when you worked here and you left in a year of marriage. She asks about her husband.

Seeing Ganesh, Prachi teases him for marrying Megha. Minty aunty asks Prachi to come with her. She does, and Priya covers her shawl before she leaves. As Ranbir talks to Aryan about her egotistic nature, Prachi senses him close to her and stops. Priya asks her to come. Ranbir sees her shawl and says, Prachi. As he runs, he collides with a man.

As Prachi leaves the restaurant, Ranbir comes to her and calls her Prachi. He then looks at her and says, “This shawl looks great and you are too.” Priya is pleased. Ranbir gets a call and goes to talk to his boss. Prachi senses his presence and looks back. She sees Ranbir there and recalls their moments. As she runs towards Ranbir, she hears him call her name. Prachi and Ranbir run toward each other.

Ranbir holds her hand. Prachi holds her hand. She keeps her hand on his face. She hugs him and cries. Nainon se Naina takraye…plays…. They hug again. Prachi says Ranbir, I knew you’d come back. Though they said you weren’t alive, I knew you were alive as I was. The song continues. They hug each other. He says I awaited you so much, I’m nothing without you, and I won’t let you go anywhere away from me. The song continues to play.

Aryan tells Ranbir that Prachi isn’t here in this world. Ranbir tells Prachi that she is alive until I am. Prachi cries that she is afraid to come here because she will see Ranbir.

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