Faltu 17th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu discloses the information after arriving. Sid requests that she uncovers the reality. She agrees, saying that she’ll meet Ayaan and her family’s fantasies. At the point when inquired as to his own dream, Faltu answers that she plans on moving to excellence with Anmol from Faltu, revealing further subtleties later on. With Harsh ready for them to leave, Sid notices Faltu running away and wonders how this occur – he had added something in her drink. As Faltu contemplates her deed of cunningly overcoming the circumstance, hoping Ayaan would come clean before everybody else.

Kanika comes to talk to Ayaan. Savita says he might be sleeping. Kanika thinks she should speak with Ayaan first. Bua asks what he did. Kanika says nothing. Savita suggests she not work, but instead, enjoy Tanisha’s wedding. Kanika says yes, and she agrees. She looks angry and thinks something is wrong.

Lajwanti stated nobody was providing them with food and they would starve, but Pratap replied he had already obtained it from the nearby dhaba. Charan enquired how he procured the money, to which Pratap answered it had come from his savings. Unconvinced, Antima refused to eat; fortunately, her husband came in time, and Charan was relieved. He wished that she gets all the love and respect she ought to have. Despite their pleadings, she left with her partner and sadly, Charan withdrew. Pratap’s suggestion for her not to leave went unheard as she didn’t comprehend it at that moment. But it is hoped that Faltu’s return will make a difference.

Faltu shouts to take me too. She falls into the pit and falls in the car. Ayaan helps her. He holds her hand and asks how long he will save me. You know our dreams are one, until they get fulfilled, we can never separate, you are finding a way to become Anmol, I will show you the way, you are the girl I… but I have promised Tanisha that I will keep her happy, and our business will unite too.

Tanisha calls and asks what are you doing here, come home, it is tomorrow’s wedding. He sees Faltu gone and shouts Faltu. He wakes up from the dream and drinks water. Everyone thanks Sid for the party. Tanisha asks Faltu to come with her. Faltu says I am feeling sleepy. Tanisha says cutie, come with me, I have some work. Faltu says it is Ayaan’s room. Tanisha says knock on the door, I have to meet him. Faltu says no, don’t become desperate to meet him.

She says I won’t meet him, you’ll meet him, knock on his door. Ayaan says these dreams remind me of my reality. Faltu knocks, saying, “I’m here.” She acts like Tanisha. Ayaan jokes. Tanisha says, “I’ve got a gift for you, just pick it up.” Ayaan says okay. Tanisha leaves.

As he opened the door, Faltu was standing with a present in hand. Tanisha called and asked Ayaan how he liked it. He was curious as to what it was, but then Faltu handed him an ice cream. She asked him to have a taste and give his opinion. Ayaan commented that the flavour was good but he would have preferred butterscotch. Tanisha exclaimed her surprise at not knowing his preference and promised to take better care of his likes and dislikes after their marriage. He joked in response and told her to have some ice cream herself while she was at it. Faltu interjected and said that she was sorry for attending the party even if it had angered him. Tanisha thought to herself that she will leave after they got married.

As Kanika enters Ayaan’s room, he tells her Faltu…. I thought Tanisha had sent Faltu. She says Tanisha is such, she tries her best to keep her loved ones happy, but I regret not everyone is like my Tanisha. He asks if you have any work to do. She says yes, and I want to know if you’re satisfied with this marriage.

You left playing cricket because Janardhan didn’t like it, but I’m sure you’re still playing it secretly since parents don’t share everything with parents. No, never, I didn’t even touch the bat, I can never cheat him. She agrees, but what level of cheating do you consider acceptable? He tells her to go and rest. He says Tanisha will be happy. She says she won’t be happy if her husband isn’t loyal to her.

Here’s the recap:

Faltu asks Ayaan why he hid this relationship from her. Ayaan gives his cricket bat to Tanisha.

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