Pandya Store 15th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dhawal confessing his love for Natasha to Neetu. Despite her skepticism, he insists that his feelings for Natasha are different from those he has had for other girls in the past. Begging for Neetu’s help, she agrees to call Natasha. Meanwhile, Natasha, who has just returned from the US, is pining for Dhawal’s return as well. While on the phone with Neetu, she overhears screams and quickly realizes that Neetu is in trouble. Frantically asking for assistance, Neetu is soon ambushed by a group of guys. Witnessing this from a distance, Dhawal immediately jumps into action to stop the attack. As things settle down, Shesh approaches Kaka with a proposition to sell a chain that Suman had given him previously. After some negotiation, Kaka agrees to buy it for 65000rs. As Amba looks on with satisfaction at her plan coming to fruition through Shesh’s actions, Chabeli suggests going out to meet him. However Amba dismisses this idea and decides to patiently wait until Shesh reveals himself on his own accord.

Shesh counts the money while Dhawal urges Neetu to leave, which she does. Dhawal then smiles as Amrish informs them that they can take back the deal papers and money. Chirag is confused and questions Amrish’s statement. Amrish explains that they have a new investor who trusts him and has asked them to keep the money. He reassures them that the mall will be built eventually, Chirag will get married, and Dolly will find someone too. However, Chirag reminds him that they came to make a relationship, to which Amrish responds that their new investor has no interest in doing so and also doesn’t trust them. This news makes Dolly cry and Bansi worry. Realizing the tense atmosphere, Amba steps in and puts on an act wherein she says how happy she is that Dhawal is going to become their brother-in-law (Jija ji). Confused, Dhawal asks her what she means by this, but Amba realizes that he doesn’t know about his sister’s proposed marriage yet. She quickly covers up her blunder by saying it’s just a figure of speech.

Natasha is getting married to him. He inquires what she is looking for. She calls Neetu and searches for her. The hoodlums arrive and harass her. While Dhawal conceals himself and observes the scene, Amba expresses her concern that Natasha may worry about family expenses. Shesh assures her that we can manage those expenses with the earnings from our store. She asks how this will work, as Suman mentioned that the store will be given to Natasha’s future husband. Bansi interrupts Amrish and points out that the amount of money isn’t appropriate. He suggests an alternative plan: he will oversee the construction of a mall, take a portion of the profits, and let Amrish keep the rest of the money. Dolly has rejected five potential suitors after Chirag, so Bansi believes making her happy should be a top priority for everyone involved. Chirag is delighted by this idea.

Amrish, Bansi, and Suman all express their admiration for Dolly, but you seem to have some doubts. For me to agree with you though, faith is crucial and you must trust me. And speaking of trust, Bansi urges for an immediate wedding date as he promises to believe in your word. Just then, Dhawal comes to the rescue of Natasha. As soon as Suman and Mittu arrive home, she assures them that she will keep the receipt. However, her plans are interrupted by a phone call which she quickly attends to before lamenting the troubles caused by everyone around her. Seeking solace in Dhara’s photo, she tries to calm her mind until a news report about a psycho killer sends shivers down her spine. Suman nervously closes the door while in another part of the house, the said killer enters and notices a family picture hanging on the wall. Meanwhile, Dhawal takes matters into his own hands and defeats a group of attackers who later flee in fear. Just when things seem calm again, Suman frantically calls Natasha to inform her that someone resembling the psycho killer has entered their house and she can hear approaching footsteps. Hearing this news leaves Natasha shocked and anxious.

Amrish says I didn’t tell you about the plan and Suman drops the phone. Chirag hugs him. Natasha tells Dhawal to save Suman. She says the psycho killer is home. He asks what. He calls Amrish and asks him to save Suman. Amrish says we are going there. He asks Chirag to come with him. Dhawal says Amrish will save Suman, he’s close, don’t worry. They leave as well. They also leave. Amrish, Bhaven and Chirag run to the Pandya house.


Natasha is injured when she stops the psycho killer.


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