Pandya Store 3rd October 2023 Written Episode: Amba’s Plans Unfold, Natasha Discovers Pandya Store Secrets

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Amba’s mind fills with images of her bahus challenging Amrish and herself. She envisions them instilling fear in them, which leaves her feeling dizzy. Eventually, she snaps out of her dream and becomes anxious at seeing her bahus. Determined to stop their union, Amba approaches Chabeli for help. Meanwhile, Dhawal drives Neetu and kindly drops her off to meet Natasha, as he knows of Neetu’s love for her. Elsewhere, Amba comes up with a plan after questioning Chabeli about household duties. Subsequently, Natasha joins the others at the site and is surprised by Dhawal’s presence when she turns around. The song ‘Mann Atak Gaya Hai’ plays in the background…

Natasha inquires, “Did you come here to fight with me?” Neetu responds, “He just talks about you.” A smile forms on Natasha’s face as Dhawal follows her. Suddenly, a worker drops a wood log, and Dhawal instinctively pulls Natasha away to protect her. In that moment, they share a tender moment. Natasha then mentions checking out Amrish’s office, and Dhawal agrees before going his separate way. Meanwhile, Hetal is searching for Amba, and Chabeli informs her that she is on the lawn.

Chirag finishes his call with Dolly and picks up a model of the mall. As he starts to lose grip on it, Natasha rushes over to assist him. However, Chirag worries about the secrets that may be revealed if she sees the model. Sure enough, Natasha spots it and exclaims that it’s Pandya store.

The Pandya store name flag has fallen. Chirag worries. Dhawal calls Natasha and asks her to come to the site. Natasha does. Chirag is relieved. Hetal asks why Amba is rewashing the clothes. She shows the color stains on the clothes. Pranali and Dolly arrive. Natasha says I forgot my books. Chirag shows the color stains on the clothes. Natasha comes to get the books. Chirag gives them to her. She thanks him and leaves.

It is in my nature to work hard. She acts unwell. Hetal says we will get it done. Amrish sees Natasha. Dhawal arrives. Amrish asks if anything has progressed. Dhawal says no. Amrish suggests she sign the papers today. When Natasha comes to them, Amrish asks her to work on the project. Amba says I will assist. Chabeli asks if she will make a video. Hetal says stop it, we’ll get it done. Dolly asks if she will wash her clothes.

Amba says you have to wash clothes because you’re a bahu. Paresh says to take him to a nearby hospital. Chirag asks the man to keep the model anywhere. A worker gets hurt. Paresh asks how he fell. The worker asks him to call Amrish. We’ll take him to a large hospital called Amrish.

As Paresh calls Amrish, he informs him. He says Amrish asked you to take him to the hospital close by. A worker says Amrish will understand the cost of a worker’s life. They all leave. Paresh thinks Amrish has hurt my daughter a lot, and I’ll see how he gets saved. Amrish asks Dhawal to pamper Natasha and make her happy. I have the papers. I want the signatures today so that I will call my lawyer.


Natasha scolds Dhawal for cheating her. She promises to see how he built his mall.

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