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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 3rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rishita and Raavi doubt Dhara’s guilt as they check her room in the episode. Suman asks if Dhara did anything. Gautam says no. Dev says we will go out and find the kids. Gautam says we’ll sort things here first. Raavi checks the cupboard. Rishita says Dhara won’t lock the kids in the cupboard, listen to me, Raavi. Raavi also checks Rishita’s room. Raavi says you can also do this, you take everything, you and Dhara just worry about Natasha. The couple argue.

Dhara scolds them for their actions. She says I did this because I don’t want the house division to happen, stop this drama now. Rishita says divide the house. Dhara says the kids want to be together, think about them. Prerna says let it happen. Gautam scolds them and asks how this matter came to be. He says we were staying happy together, listen to me, unity is strength. Suman says no, it’s too late. The kids worry. Chiku says Dhara promised she wouldn’t let the division happen. Shesh says we will not separate.

Gautam and Dhara say we will not let this happen once relations have broken. Suman says when ladies fight and husbands do not support, families stay fine, but when husbands stand silent, those families can break, not my family now, they are separate families. Suman asks the kids to come out. Suman says my family is with you all.

The kids come down and go to their parents. Suman says let them stay separated, they will have love, otherwise they will fight like animals, a house has no value, a family is valuable. Chiku says if everyone goes, then this time I will also go with Shweta Maa. Anghara cries. Mittu says we want to stay together. Shesh says we should not split. Dev says I have to do this for kids, we fight every day, and will we give this upbringing to kids?

“Dhara pleads with Shiva, her favourite person who always listens to her, not to leave. She expresses her distress, questioning whether he would abandon them and leave them alone to suffer. Shiva then explains his reasons for leaving – his siblings have faced struggles for 7 years and he cannot bear to make them go through it again. He feels obligated to stay and take care of them, as his mother agrees. Hearing this, Dhara becomes upset and scolds both Shiva and Krish. She questions Krish’s desire to divide their family and expresses her fear that their baby will have a better life abroad than in their current home. Krish defends his choice by stating Prerna’s wish to raise the child in Canada instead of where they are now. Desperate for them not to leave, Dhara begs her loved ones not to go.”

Gautam says this is wrong. He shouts on them and asks them to come out of their rooms. They all go to their rooms. Dhara says sorry, I couldn’t fulfill my promise. She cries. The kids cry. It is time to come out, he says, you will get a share, tell me what you want, where to draw the line, come out. Dhara stops him. He says he has come to his senses now. He asks everyone to join him.

Shiva says it’s happening wrong. Dev says we’re doing it wrong, Rishita, we shouldn’t give Gautam this grief. Rishita says he needs to think of Natasha. Shiva asks Raavi to handle Mittu. Dev, Shiva and Krish leave the room. Dhara tells them to calm down and we will talk later. Gautam asks them to come out. He sees them. He says today this house will be divided.


Dhara weeps as Rishita says she wants the division for her daughter. Chiku leaves with Shweta.

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