Pandya Store 4th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Shesh expressing his concern about the store, which is a part of their heritage. He believes that Natasha, who has inherited it, plans to sell it. Suman interrupts him and reminds him of their dream to establish a chain of Pandya stores in Somnath. She blames him for not helping Chutki, which could have prevented this situation. Amrish then gathers some men to discuss the Pandya store. He assures them that Natasha has agreed to sign the papers for the deal. Just then, Natasha arrives and Amrish congratulates her on agreeing to the deal. However, when he asks for the papers, she hands over torn ones and informs them that she cannot sign them as the Pandya store and nivas are not for sale. Amrish is taken aback while Natasha leaves. In a fit of anger, he goes to the college where Natasha is later seen being teased by Dhawal.

She pushes him on the ground and scolds him, saying that she has to support everyone in their family and has work unlike him. Then, she hands him her kerchief and tells him to clean himself up before walking away. Urmi reassures him not to take her words to heart. He responds that he is not the type of person to seek revenge and leaves. Meanwhile, Chirag goes to visit Dolly who shares her idea of putting mirrors on both sides of the bed so she can see her face when she wakes up. Chirag tries to please her but accidentally spills juice on her dress, causing her distress. He apologizes and suggests that she go clean herself up. Elsewhere, Suman makes a cake while Shesh comments that it looks like she’s making it for Chutki alone. Chabeli reads scary news bulletins which causes Amba to worry. Dhawal and Amrish come home and Maa watches on as Hetal brings Amrish a glass of water and he calls for Dhawal.

Upon returning home, Natasha laments the situation that has left them alone due to the expansion of Pandya store. Amrish then reveals his plan to involve Natasha in the construction of a mall, but she is hesitant and needs convincing. Suman shows her support by comforting her.

She sings yaadon ki baraat… and hugs Natasha. Suman says they died for Pandya store, and it was their dream to expand Pandya store, and it is now your responsibility. Shesh says Natasha is acting, she is thinking about selling it. Natasha scolds him. She feels unwell. She faints. Their concern is that she is sick.


Natasha says if anyone wants to marry her, it will be for Pandya store. Dhawal promises Amrish to obtain Pandya store.


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