Pandya Store 8th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 8th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

A doctor says that Alok would have started the operation, so get Natasha to OT. Dev says, “Maa, convince her.” Suman says Natasha is stubborn like her mother. Gautam asks Natasha to come. Dr. Alok scolds the doctor, and he asks Natasha’s family to convince her to come.

Shivank experiences joy as Gautam and Suman invite Natasha to join them. Natasha says, “I want Shweta Mom.” Dr. Alok asks them to contact Shweta. Shivank says the operation is really important. Dr. Alok says make a decision soon, I will ask the doctor not to remove Dhara’s organ. Shivank requests that they take Shweta from jail.

My daughter was kidnapped by her. Shivank tries to convince them. Krish says we can’t free her. Dev says she will blackmail us again. Shivank says you can’t ignore this situation. Krish says you don’t know her. Shivank says Dhara will donate her organ, so Shweta’s release is more important than Dhara and Natasha’s lives. Krish gets Shweta, Rishita says.

She expresses her concern, stating, “If anything happens to Dhara, I won’t be able to forgive myself.” Gautam and Dev concur with her sentiment. Urged by the nurse, they are prompted to hasten. Rishita requests Krish to bring Shweta, emphasizing that it’s for Dhara’s sake. Dr. Alok examines Dhara’s condition. In the meantime, Krish arrives to meet Shweta, who begins to sing. Krish informs her, “I came here for Chutki’s sake. She’s not ready for surgery yet and she wishes to meet you.”

If I refuse, then… He says come here, the operation will take place one day. She says she’s ready. She gets freed. She sees the CCTV camera and falls into his arms. She says how you hugged me was captured on camera.

Natasha is hugsted by Shweta when she arrives at the hospital. She tells her not to worry, everything will be fine. She sends Natasha to the OT. Shweta irritates the family. Everyone is tense. As the operation continues, the nurse tells you that the organ was removed late, so Dhara is in critical condition. Please sign the paperwork.

As Gautam recalls Dhara, he signs the papers. Nurse asks him to stay outside. Suman prays for Dhara. Shivank wonders if Dhara will survive. Everyone thinks of Natasha. Natasha’s operation has been completed. Dhara’s heartbeat goes flat. Doctors worry.

The precap:

Suman asks Dhara to come home with her. Dhara does not respond. The nurse says Dhara’s condition is critical. Gautam is worried.

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