Pandya Store 20th January 2023 Written Update

As the episode starts, Gautam loses the kite. He shouts, ‘I lost my brothers because of you.’ Dhara scolds him. She cries and leaves. Chiku runs to get the kites. Gautam says that he left his brothers because of you. Dev asks how can a company get shut down overnight. Rishita says it was our mistake, we shouldn’t have worked there. Shesh’s hair looked terrible to the maid. Rishita scolds him. Dev stops her and asks her not to raise her hand on a kid. He asks Dev to teach him manners. The maid gets a new haircut after Dev apologizes to her.

Rishita gets angry. Chiku gets the kites. He asks Dhara to tell Gautam he got his uncle’s back. Greeting an old couple, Krish wishes them a happy Lohri. He calls them Mom and Dad. The man says she got you a special kite. Krish says, I’m sorry Mom, I don’t want to fly this kite.

She says we got a son in our son-in-law, and we spoilt his mood. The man says I will set his mood. Suman shouts Dhara, and she falls. Chiku also watches. Shiva says I will not have any food. She emotionally blackmails him. He says if you promise, you won’t do this again. Chiku runs to Gautam and asks him what happened to Dadi.

Shesh cries and says she scolds me a lot. Dev consoles him. Dhara and Chiku take Suman to the hospital. Rishita asks Dev and Shesh to do all the work. Dev says don’t touch him. Rishita says to spoil him more, he will go to the hostel tomorrow to get reformed. Dev asks how we don’t have a job or money to pay his full fee, so he will stay here.

She says I asked you not to fight with anyone. He says I didn’t fight, I took a kite by mistake and got beat up. She asks for a promise. He says yes. She says don’t go out alone. Dhara asks if Suman is okay. The doctor says Suman suffered a heart attack and she is in a serious condition. Dhara asks Chiku to go home and get Gautam.

In response, the house owner asks Raavi to pay rent. He says that he will throw their stuff outside since they haven’t paid rent for 4 months. Raavi begs him to wait one month and she will pay the rent, otherwise, they will leave the house. Raavi cries and says how shall I manage all these expenses. Chiku wakes up Gautam. He takes him to the hospital. Raavi cries and says how shall I manage all these expenses.

Chiku asks Gautam to come. Dhara says there is no one with me, I am alone. Chiku gets Gautam there. Gautam falls asleep. Suman has a heart attack.

She says keep your responsibility, you will regret a lot if anything happens to Suman. Angioplasty was requested by the doctor, Dev, Shiva, and Krish aren’t answering my calls, and you’re not with me. He says he always thinks about bringing them back, but the pain doesn’t seem to ease.

Getting up, mum is not doing well, she says I am alone, I need you, get up. Dev and Shesh play. Rishita shouts at them. Dev’s phone rings. Shesh runs and answers the call. Chiku asks Dev to come soon, Suman is ill. Rishita tells him not to use you and Suman, and do not call us again. Dev sits sad.


Dhara comes to Suman and says, “I’m fine, take me home.” Suman says, “I’m fine.” Dhara tells him, “Your sons have come back knowing you will die.” Suman and Dhara rejoice over seeing Dev, Shiva, and Krish.

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