Pandya Store 22nd October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Asserts Her New Role Amidst Family Rituals!

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Chiku inviting Natasha to join her. However, Natasha declines, stating that she is now a part of this family by choice. She affectionately addresses him as Chiku and requests him not to return, as she considers this her Sasural and will follow their customs. Amba beams with pride at Natasha’s words. Chiku exits the scene while Amba embraces Natasha and showers her with praise. Dhawal also smiles in approval. Amba declares that Natasha has earned the title of their bahu and proceeds to place a black dot on her forehead. She warmly welcomes her into the family as Natasha Makhwana. The others applaud in agreement. Natasha corrects Amba, insisting on being called Natasha Pandya Makhwana instead. Realizing her mistake, Amba concedes and instructs Hetal to assist Natasha in preparing for their first Navratri celebration together, along with the mall’s Bhoomi pujan ceremony.

Natasha refuses to drink water when Dhawal asks her. “Don’t fake this care,” she replies. He sleeps on the sofa. She changes clothes. He tells her to sleep on the bed. She pushes him down the sofa, occupying the couch. She says I don’t want any favors, and you can’t win my heart or gain my trust. He says I will prove this is real. She says I won’t move, do anything. He says wait, I’ll show you. He tickles her foot. She asks him to stop.

He tickles her and makes her fall down the sofa. He sleeps on the couch. She goes and lies on the bed. He smiles at her. It’s morning. Everyone gets ready for the Bhoomi puja. Amrish says Natasha will come later, so we should leave. Kanta says Natasha didn’t tell you about the Bhoomi puja. Suman says I’ll get ready and come. Natasha gets ready. Dhawal looks on and smiles. kya kahun…

He lends her a hand as she applies the sindoor. In his mind, he wonders why she still goes through this ritual if she hates him. She reassures him it is a tradition, and her feelings towards him remain unchanged. As she remembers his hurtful words, she accidentally drops the sindoor box. His phone rings, interrupting their moment. Chirag urgently asks him to come for the auspicious ceremony, and Dhawal agrees to go. He invites Natasha to join them, but Dolly also wants to attend. Chirag hesitates because he knows his mother will cause a scene if she finds out. Dolly promises not to tell her and begs to come along. Chirag explains that he has no choice and leaves, leaving Dolly disappointed. Natasha notices her sadness.

She asks whether you want to go to puja. Dolly says I can’t go due to my periods. Natasha says you can still attend the puja. Dolly says I can’t upset Amba. Natasha says you can watch the puja from a distance. Dolly asks if Amba knows then… Natasha says it won’t harm anyone. We watch the puja and cover everything. Dolly hugs her and says I love you. Dhawal sits in the puja. Amrish asks Pandit to start the puja since they cannot miss the mahurat while waiting for the women.

Chirag comes there and asks what you’re doing here. Chirag says it’s not a big deal to go here, and periods are not a big deal. Amba looks on.


Amba scolds Dolly for coming to puja. She asks her to stop the drama and sleep on the carpet for three days. Natasha says this is wrong.

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