Pandya Store 9th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Dhawal sees Natasha. They call for help. They sit down. She asks you are happy now, you got peace, you spoiled my work, and Amba says I can’t have food, I feel unwell, I didn’t get food in the afternoon on time. Hetal looks at him. She says my bahus take care of me well when they are at home, but today they were not at home, how will they cook, right? She says I will be fine, I can’t be a burden on my bahus.

Amrish inquires about their current workload and expresses his frustration towards Hetal and Pranali. Hetal takes responsibility for not informing Maa, while Pranali explains that they were asked by Dhawal to help secure the Pandya store. Amrish is taken aback by this revelation. Natasha examines the light and fan switches, and Dhawal arrives, stating that all departments are closed and the lights are off. She reassures him that she will handle everything. Amrish questions whether she mentioned giving the Pandya store as a dowry, to which Pranali confirms. He then asks why they went without consulting Amba first.

He questions why Dhawal involved Hetal and Pranali. Chirag is asked if he sold his self-esteem. He is then reprimanded. Natasha searches for her phone and admits she left it at home. She asks Dhawal to call someone, but he reassures her not to worry and that he will make the call. However, his phone unexpectedly turns off. Confused, he wonders how it could have lost charge so quickly. Meanwhile, Natasha frets over how to inform Suman about her situation. Suman grows concerned when Natasha doesn’t show up and urges Mittu to call Urmi and check on her well-being since her phone is ringing at home.

Shesh, Suman, Mittu, and Amrish have all expressed their concerns about Urmi’s actions. Natasha appears to be anxious. Dhawal has opened the windows, perhaps to let in some fresh air. Pranali offers to check on Amba’s blood pressure. Bhaven brings up the topic of not practicing after marriage and questions if they will be held responsible in case something goes wrong. Amba mentions that she is unable to eat and requests for dry fruit kheer and medicine. Hetal leaves to fulfill her request while Amba asks Pranali for help with a smile on her face.

Mittu, Shesh, and Suman are looking for Natasha. Natasha asks Dhawal to break the door. He gets the emergency light. He says I’ve got a superpower. He laughs. She says go break the door now. He says no, I’ve tried, but I’ve made this bed to lie down and think, and you do too. She screams and is scared. He asks what happened. She hugs him tightly.

He argues, saying I have no choice, so wait. She asks him to handle the snake. He goes. He puts light on the rope and checks it. He laughs. He asks her to see that. She laughs and says we got scared of a rope. He says you thought it was a snake. They laugh. Ishq nazariya….plays… They lock eyes.


Chirag and Dhawal will be married simultaneously, Natasha will become the youngest bahu, I have decided it, Dhawal and Natasha will be married in ten days.


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