Pandya Store 19th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 19th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhara is worried. Superhero apologizes, there is no network, he will save the other kids now, I am sure Dhara will find you. The kids ask him not to leave them and go. The superhero says it is time for duty. Gautam and everyone are still searching for the kids. They miss their mothers.

Shesh says yes to Natasha’s request for homemade food. Chiku says that she also misses Dhara and wants to go home. They cry. The superhero removes his mask and fake wig. The monster catches him. He also takes off his mask. You think you’ll run away if you wear a circus costume, you lose money gambling, and you are fooling me.

The superhero guy says I will return the money to you, take care. The man says you won’t leave me, you will work as my house servant, come with me. The kids come back to the locality. Natasha sees Shweta and calls out Mom. She runs to Shweta. All the kids hug her. Shweta gets happy.

Shweta asks if you all came to take me. Shesh says no, we had left the house, Natasha came with us, and you aren’t her mother. She smiles and replies, naughty boy, you’ve got to know I’m not Natasha’s mother. Natasha says don’t say that, you’re my mother. Shweta says no. She smiles when Chiku asks who her mom is.

Natasha’s mum is Dhara, she says. Chiku remembers Dhara’s words and asks who is my mother. Shweta acts and says Rishita is your mother. She embraces Shesh and says come, we’ll wind up. Mittu tells her that my mom is my mum, there is no confusion.

Natasha’s mother is Dhara, Chiku’s mother is Rishita, Shesh’s mother is Shesh, but show me your face, his face and teeth do not match anyone, he was picked up from a garbage bin. Shesh is shocked. Shweta says you don’t have any mother or father. He says you’re lying. She says this is the truth, so sad. The children cry.

Chiku asks why no one told us this truth about our parents. Mittu says we have much confusion about our parents. Shweta sings. She says I am your lovely aunt, you all love me, come with me. They refuse to go with her. Mittu says we have much confusion about our parents.

Shweta says we will go now. Shesh says don’t push us, you are hurting. Mittu says Raavi is my mum, right? Shweta says yes. Mitty says Shiva is my dad, but he doesn’t recognize me. Shweta says I love you all, let’s go. Dhara sees Shweta leaving with the kids.

Krish calls her and tells him about the kids. Shweta has taken the kids, she’s heading towards the market, she’s stealing all the kids, we have to stop her, I’m not leaving her, I’m going to kill her. Krish says we’ll get to the market soon. The rickshaw number should be noted down by him.

It happens that Dhara calls Rishita and says Shweta took the kids. Rishita tells this to Dev. Dhara calls out the kids. The kids don’t reply. She worries. Shweta takes the kids home. Everyone comes there. Rishita scolds Shweta. Shweta says she has no time to talk to you.

There is so much confusion, Shesh says. Shweta says I am saying the truth, the family elders are bad. The elders always lie to you. She asks the kids to question the elders.


Dhara pushes Chiku away. Shweta looks on. He says that you all are bad. Chiku hugs Shweta. Shweta says the kids want to stay with me. Dhara says that he won’t leave her.

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