Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shweta showers rose petals on Krish and Prerna. Krish throws the bouquet in the trash. He asks what nonsense is this and what are you doing here. Prerna asks Dhara what’s going on. Shweta says she will tell them, it’s my surprise. Shiva says, “Go and call your mother.” Krish gets shocked. Shweta shows that Krish didn’t sign. Natasha goes downstairs. Shiva tells her to stop or she will fall down. She says, Prerna, you got engaged to Krish, but unfortunately, you are the second woman; I am Krish’s legally-married wife. Krish is shocked by this.

As Shweta asks Krish to come, he shouts at her and tells her to get away. Shweta says you are misbehaving, you got Prerna back home, I was still here, and you didn’t even say sorry, but it’s fine, I forgive you, right? Prerna scolds Shweta. She says Krishi is mine.

Shweta says Krish is still my husband, throw away this ring, it is no use, show it to me, what’s that, Dhara gave me a cheap ring, and you gave her a good one. As Shweta says, Dev and Rishita don’t care for Chutki, and she’ll come downstairs and see everyone fighting with her mom, what will she think? Natasha loves me a lot, and I’ll go with her.

As Prerna says, she will also ask you who Krish is, if he is her dad. Shweta asks Dev, what did she say? Dev then asks Prerna to think about it for a moment, I’m Chutki’s father. Yes, Chutki hasn’t seen you yet, and if she sees Krish with Shweta, she will get affected, so Krish shouldn’t stay with Shweta.

This is our matter, you don’t need to get into it. Rashita says stop it, I don’t want to hear anything. Krish is Chutki’s uncle, so I’ll answer her myself. She says okay, you have a right to your daughter, why are you asking me to give up my right? I have been with Krish for five years, I love him, Shweta wasn’t with him for five months, why should my love be defeated by her fake love?

Sheta says I married him, he’s my husband, fine, you both can stay together, Rishita think about what you have to do; if Prerna stays with Krish, then I will leave with my Natasha. Natasha calls her. Raavi thinks about Shiva. Prerna says this isn’t fair, Krish, I love you. Krish says he loves you too, no one can stand in our way. Shweta asks Prerna to get lost. Krish raises his hand. Prerna stops him. Shweta says you forgot what you did, you gave me Chutki while saving Chiku. Krish recalls what he did.

Shweta asks him to sacrifice his love for Chutki’s sake. Natasha cries for her broken iPad. Shiva comforts her. He asks what, are you our relative. She says I don’t know, ask my mum, come. Rishita cries and requests Chutki’s stop. She says she’s here to stay a few days. Rishita tells Krish and Prerna not to snatch her chance of getting Chutki. Shweta says I don’t have time. Krish says I’m not a clay toy, I love Prerna, my love is genuine, what is her fault in all this? Rishita blames Krish for all this. Shweta says fine, I’m going.

Shweta enjoys the drama. Rishita tells Prerna to leave. Krish says you can’t insult Prerna. Shiva gets Natasha and looks for Dolly. Raavi says, Shiva…

Shiva says, “Beat those three naughty kids.” She nods. Raavi says we sent him to the store, so what is he doing with Chutki? Prerna says, “Don’t worry, I’m leaving.” Krish says no, you can’t go. Prerna says I refuse to accept my happiness if it keeps a mother away from her daughter.


The kids are troubled by Natasha. Rishita and Dhara argue.

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