Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written update 24th Feb, 2023

Today’s episode starts with Abhir telling his parents that he prayed to God and a nice lady came to help him. Abhinav tells Akshara that he forgot to ask her her name. Abhinav requests Akshara not to tell anyone about what has happened as everyone in the house will get worried. He says if anyone asks just tell them that they were lost. He asks Akshara to pardon him because he did not take care of Abhir. She is grateful that he is fine now and tells him not to be worried.

Akshara tells Abhinav that the gift was taken by someone else by mistake.

Roohi is looking forward to going for the birthday but Manjiri and Aarohi are worried. Akshara and Abhimanyu are remembering the past.

The Goenka family is dancing and celebrating. Kairav and Akshara have an awkward moment when they come face to face while dancing.

Akshara makes a Kachori cake and the entire family come together to cut the cake. Mimi and Abhir together cut the cake. Abhir says he is looking forward to the party in the evening because he will meet his Maasi Aarohi and his sister Roohi. Abhir asks Abhinav if he has invited his Dilwale Sirji and Manish is surprised that Salman Khan is being invited.

Abhinav tells Akshara that Abhimanyu will be there at the party so Abhir has to be told everything. Abhinav prays that there is no trouble at the evening party,

Kairav and Mustaan discuss about the new serial The Night Manager on Hotstar and she starts telling him about the serial. He asks her not to say anything more and spoil the suspense because he too will be watching the series on Hostar on his phone.

Suvarna gifts Akshara a necklace but she refuses to take it because it is very expensive. Suvarna somehow convinces her to wear it for at least some time in the evening. Abhinav comes into the room and asks her if she is not taking the necklace because he is not rich and cannot afford it. He calls her the Princess of Udaipur but she says she is the Queen of Kasauli. Abhinav is nervous about meeting Abhimanyu in the evening. He says it was okay in Kasauli because it was a surprise then but here now the feeling is different.

Suhasini prays that in the test of relationships hope everything goes well in the evening. There is a poem in the background of complications of relations and worries fears of everytone and howmuch ever they prepare themselves even then they cannotbe prepared for what will happen.

Everyone is getting ready each with their own thoughts and worries about the evening.

Abhimanyu and Abhir coincidently are twinning with same suits.

Akshara explains to Abhir that Dilwale Sirji is coming in the evening. She tells him not to let anyone know that they had met in Kasauli and not to talk much to him. When Akshara tells him that he is related to Mimi and hence he is invited Abhir wants to know how he and Abhimanyu are related. Akshara replies that she does not know.

Kairav comes and asks Abhinav if he knows what he is getting himself into. After all, Akshara’s ex-in-laws are coming to the party. Abhinav says he has to face the situation at some time. No use running away from troubles because he has to face it someday. Abhinav tells Kairav not to worry about him because he is used to suffering pain. He is only worried about Akshara and Abhinav and hopes they don’t suffer much pain.

Coming soon: Abhibanyu and Akshara bump into each other and say Hello. Manjiri sees them and gets worried. She announces to the family that Abhimanyu has agrees to marry Aarohi so they should inform the family about this.

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