Faltu 17th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

During the episode, Pratap says the Chawl boys helped us fix the house. Charan agrees they are helpful. He asks Faltu to get a glass of water. Pratap says I will help her. They smile when she tells them she can’t depend on anyone, she won’t need anyone when I get confidence, and she’ll find a new job. She counts the steps and shows them how she got familiar with the house.

The chawl guys come to talk to Charan. Sid becomes angry. Sumitra comes. He says leave me alone. She says I want to see your anger, what happened. Ayaan asks her to calm down. He says I have to prove Faltu is in Ayaan’s heart. She says I am foolish to think you want Ayaan’s business and wife. Tanisha is more important to me than everything, I can’t imagine losing her.

Charan thanks the guy. He asks them to take Faltu to the medical camp for free treatment. She plays good cricket and we hope she gets well. The guy says you can go there and find out. Faltu thanks him.

I will do my best to fulfil the dream, she recalls Ayaan’s words. Ayaan recalls Faltu’s words. Dadi, Savita, and Suhana arrive as the man tells Sid about Faltu’s surgery. Sid tells Ayaan’s love that she will lose her sight. Tanisha decorates the room. She smiles.

Tanisha says I want everything perfect for Ayaan. Suhana says we’ll take a room. Dadi asks what’s up. Savita says to leave it, children want their own way. Sid comes to talk to Tanisha. Ayaan gets his aide’s man. He says he got the temple CCTV footage. Ayaan asks if everything can be seen clearly. Sid says Ayaan will come to help Faltu if he knows this, but we have to see if he hides it from us. Maybe he already knows and did not tell you.

Ganesh thanks Dadi for giving him a job on time. Savita comes to greet Ganesh and says his son became a doctor after completing his education. Ayaan checks the footage. Dr Abhi comes home. Faltu worries about Ayaan and asks Pratap to get sindoor for Matarani puja.

He says he will get it in the evening. She insists. He says he will get it later. He goes on call. Maasi gets the papad and packets. Faltu thanks her. Maasi asks if you are okay. Faltu replies yes. Can you get sindoor for me? I have to do Matarani puja. Maasi asks if you will do puja at this time. Faltu says yes. Savita gives Maasi the sindoor and leaves. Faltu applies the sindoor. Pratap asks what are you doing? Ganesh asks for Ayaan. Savita says he will meet you.

Ganesh says that Abhi is lucky that Ayaan is at home today. Tanisha teases Ayaan. He asks what she is doing. She says romance. He says our old employee Ganesh has come to visit. Then she asks Savita to ask Ganesh to come later. She takes Ayaan as well. Faltu makes excuses. Pratap notices the sindoor on her fingers. She says Maasi gave me this sindoor. He says you do the puja, I’ll go to Charan. She prays.


He smiles as Ayaan meets Faltu and says don’t say anything, just feel me and this moment. She says it would be better for us to stay away, because I love you.

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