Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba asks Angad not to hurt Manveer’s feelings by going to her parent’s house, as she does not want him to leave Brar mansion forever. Jasleen taunts Manveer to accept that a mother must hand over her son to her DIL one day. Angad says he will keep his word. Manveer collapses. The family rushes to her and offers water.

Angad thinks his mamma is in trouble because of Sahiba, and will punish her once he locates Seerat. As Santosh prepares the room for Angad and Sahiba’s stay, Keerat asks her not to worry. Santosh finds Seerat’s makeup items, recalls her betrayal, and walks out angrily to trash everything. Santosh tells Ajith she does not want anything related to Seerat in her home. Ajith controls her and asks her to focus on welcoming Angad and Sahiba.

Sahiba and Angad arrive at Ajith’s locality. The driver stops the car saying it cannot pass through the narrow lane. Angad says they can walk and gets out of the car. Ajith’s title song plays in the background. Neighbours discuss that Sahiba has come with Angad for her paghphera ritual. They cross narrow lanes with Sahiba. They reach Ajith’s house.

Keerat greets Sahiba. Ajith welcomes Angad. Angad nods rudely. Taiji performs the welcome ritual. Ajith asks Sahiba how she is and if Brars are treating her well.

Angad pretends to pick up a phone call and searches for Seerat. He thinks both Seerat and Santosh are hiding, so he must find them.

She continues to walk on the street. Garry calls her. She vents her anger on him and threatens to return home and tell her parents how Garry lured her with sugar-coated words and made her elope.

Sahiba has left her spies on Garry, she is totally controlling Angad now and has reached her parental house for the pagphera ritual. Seerat will be jailed if she goes there.

Angad feels uncomfortable at Sahiba’s house and asks Jasleen who he’s talking to. He says no one. Seerat thinks she will return to her parent’s house and confront Sahiba for conspiring against her.

He thinks Angad will not spare her once he finds Seerat and makes her reveal the truth once he finds her. Sahiba turns fan towards him and says he doesn’t have to bear difficulties for her; he can go after some time.

Ajith shows room to Angad. Angad refuses to stay with Sahiba. Sahiba asks why can’t he stay with her when he can barge into her store room and stay overnight. He opens the door and slips on Sahiba.

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