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In preparation for their trip to the Bhosle’s house, Jeevika and Satvik meet Jeevika’s family. Manohar gives Satvik some money as a gift. Pallavi asks why he gave him that money. He must use it to tip Satvik. Satvik says that love cannot be measured in money. Pratheeo jokes that he will get candy with it. He is happy to receive money as a gift after years. He asks Jeevika to call him if she needs him.

Rather than remembering old relationships too often, Palavi warns Jeevika that new relationships will distance her from them. Swara hugs Jeevika. She tells her not to listen to Pallavi’s words. She says Jeevika can come here whenever she wants. Jhanvi presents Jeevika with a drawing. Satvik and Jeevika leave.

Rajnandhini phone Rohit. Rohit threatens her to return his money. Rajnandhini assures him this deal will be signed. She asks him to wait for her next plan. He says to let them see whether Satvik or Rajnandhini wins. Rajnandhini is confident that she will win. Narayan says that he won’t welcome Jeevika as it’s her house. Aadya and Shlok are glad to see Jeevika back.

Satvik asks Rajnandhini how he is. Narayan says he needs to speak to him urgently. They go to speak. Jeevika wonders what happened. Rajnandhini stops Jeevika from going to Narayan and Satvik. Shlok says this type of discussion between Narayan and Satvik is common in this house. She asks Jeevika to change clothes and get freshened up.

Narayan expresses his disappointment towards Satvik, blaming him for rejecting Vohara’s deal and regretting trusting him. However, Satvik tries to explain the situation before Rajnandhini intervenes. Narayan questions if Satvik’s emotions caused him to cancel the deal, to which Satvik confirms. Rajnandhini then points out that this could have been avoided if Satvik’s brother was present. Narayan agrees with her, causing Satvik to feel upset. He apologizes to Narayan and is asked to also apologize to his mother for hurting her. From now on, Narayan will handle dealing with Vohara’s deal.

Pallavi sees Pratheep having a new, expensive phone. He asks Pallavi how she got it. Pallavi lies. Jeevika is concerned about what Narayan and Shlok are doing. Shlok and Aadya say Narayan always scolds Satvik and doesn’t let him defend himself. They feel sorry for Satvik. Jeevika asks if Narayan is angry with Satvik. Shlok says that a business deal seems to have been canceled because of Satvik’s irresponsibility.

As Pratheep and Pallavi discuss Satvik, Pratheep shares his belief that Jeevika’s love for him will help him move on from his past relationship with Supriya. Swara is taken aback upon overhearing this. Jeevika then brings coffee to Satvik, who blames himself for the deal falling through. He admits to making the mistake of mixing his emotions with business and says he would do it all over again for Jeevika. She asks if Narayan is aware of what happened at work, to which Satvik responds that there is no need for her to involve Narayan as they are going their separate ways. He has grown accustomed to Narayan’s behavior and would rather talk to himself than confront him. Without listening to Jeevika, he leaves.

She asks Rajnandhini what she will do with such a large amount of money when she sees her packing it up. Rajnandhini replies that even this amount isn’t enough to fulfill her responsibility. Ruhi asks whose responsibility it is, since they have only each other as family. Rajnandhini says a few people are unlucky. She says she’s joking. She gives Ruhi some money, then leaves, taking the bag of money. Ruhi wonders what Rajnandhini is hiding from her.

Rajnandhini and Narayan discuss Vohara’s deal, while Jeevika delivers medicine to Narayan. Upon seeing this, Jeevika assures Narayan that Satvik is not to blame for what transpired. Before Narayan can respond, Rajnandhini interjects and inquires if Jeevika has given him another dose of medicine. Narayan confirms that she has indeed done so. He then acknowledges that a wife has the right to defend her husband, even if he is at fault, but emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the company’s profit over emotions in running a successful business. Rajnandhini reminds Narayan to sign the deal only if he deems it appropriate. As Narayan is about to do so, Jeevika intervenes and halts him from signing.

Satvik asks Jeevika if she will always stand by his side. Jeevika replies that she cannot decide everything, so before anything else happens, sign these divorce papers.

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