Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Jassi asks RV’s employee about the caterer. The employee answers, “The old caterers are Kumkum Bhagya caterers.” Jassi recalls Poorvi slapping him. He tells Pandit that no event happens without him, and asks him to ask Sponsor to wait for him. In the announcement, Pandit ji instructs the guy to announce the guest will be RV sir. First, the diya will be lit with a fire torch, followed by the aarti.

Pandit ji instructs him to announce for the aarti and go over the details of the event’s programs. Diya suggests they quickly secure a spot to view the aarti and invites everyone along. Vishaka declines, saying she won’t let them work, but then changes her mind and urges everyone to join. Ashok invites Ashutosh to come as well. The chef mentions he needs some kitchen supplies. Poorvi volunteers to fetch them, but Prachi insists on going instead. Diya then reminds everyone of last time when they missed out on seeing the aarti and urges them to hurry. Ashutosh heads out with a guard to move his scooty along.

RV tells Yug that the pandal is good and asks why did I not invest in it before. Yug says you have other things to see. Diya comes there. Yug says the girl made him work.

RV says that my daughters did something bad to RV’s special man. Prachi says he is my cousin brother. Vishaka says so you are RV. RV tells Yug that if Poorvi makes him work as labor, RV will tell him that. He asks if Poorvi manages this business. Vishaka says that this is our family company, Kumkum Bhagya catering services. RV’s employee announces that the aarti will begin shortly.

Jassi watches as Poorvi converses with Chef, who expresses his need for Nitrogen dioxide to speed up the cooking process. After promising to check, Poorvi heads to the pandal’s storeroom. Curious, Jassi tags along. Meanwhile, Poorvi contemplates the whereabouts of the Nitrogen dioxide. Jassi joins her in the dark storeroom and playfully shuts off the lights. He then surprises her by lighting a firetorch and exclaiming that instead of a candle-lit dinner, he has brought a mashaal (firetorch). He compliments her beauty, past and present, and asks teasingly if she won’t respond.

Poorvi inquires, “Did you have a question?” Jassi responds with, “How are you doing?” Poorvi assures her, “I’m doing well.” Jassi informs her that he has to go to Maharaj ji for an important matter. He then recalls hearing about her engagement with a teacher and asks for clarification. Upon her confirmation, he brings up the time when she had slapped him in the market and questions her reasoning since he was only trying to smell her dupatta. He adds that it’s a memory he hasn’t been able to forget and reveals that he had sent a proposal for her, but her mother had informed him she was still studying and marriage plans would be considered later on. However, upon his release from jail after a few years, he learned that Poorvi was already engaged.

He tells Poorvi to go. She asks him to let her go. He says you should go and call off the roka. He says you slapped me hard and insulted me, the son of the MLA. He asks her to announce Jasbir/Jassi weds Poorvi. Go and announce that you are ending your alliance with that guy and becoming related to me.

According to RV, KK is coming. Yug says KK is an old player. RV says he will retire. RV tells Yug that he has to do this inauguration fast.

As Krishna sat on the plane, Prachi’s name caught his attention. Memories flooded back to when he visited the Tandon house after his accident and stumbled upon a prayer meeting. A kind woman expressed her admiration for Akshay and explained that the prayer meeting was held 45 days after his passing because of their strong bond. She prayed that Mata Rani would give Prachi the strength to move on from Akshay. However, this caused Ranbir to misinterpret Prachi’s feelings and he left in haste. The image of Mihika revealing Prachi’s deep love for Akshay while she slept replayed in his mind.

I love Prachi and Ranbir says so. Mihika asks where is Prachi? I’m here, but I’m not Prachi. Facebook ends. Ranbir thinks, I’m going to India, so I may see Prachi there. Prachi senses a strange feeling. The Kumkum plate comes from Pandit ji, and the Kumkum falls on Prachi’s forehead due to the fan wind. Vishaka asks what did you do? Pandit ji tells that her husband will live a long life.

Prachi is regarded as a betrayal by Ranbir, and he says that he doesn’t want to see her face. He believes she is with the Tandons in Delhi, and doesn’t think she will be in Mumbai. Yug teases Diya. Diya plans to complain about him to Poorvi. Poorvi asks Jasbir to let her go, otherwise she will shout loudly. He asks her to shout loudly, but nobody will hear her. Poorvi says I do not like you. Jassi says whatever you choose, and says Ashutosh doesn’t look good and will do ABC with you.

Poorvi says my family has selected him for me. Jassi says she looks like a heroine and asks what her name is. Poorvi tries to run, but he holds her. He says he is MLA’s son, and he’s not a goon, but decent and suitable for her. Poorvi asks him to let her go. He says I wouldn’t have come to you with the alliance if I was a goon. Unless she calls off her roka, he says you’re mine. She shouts no.

As RV looks on, Pandit ji asks him to inaugurate. RV says they’re in a hurry and will inaugurate. The guy says we’ll light it with the matchstick. RV asks where the firetorch is. The guy says it’s with Jasbir.


Poorvi shouts for help while Jassi says she couldn’t be saved. RV approaches Poorvi and they stare each other down.


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