Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode of 26th January 2023

Kumkum Bhagya

As soon as Prachi sees the pendant, she asks her child where she is. Khushi brings food and asks Maayi for food. Maayi refuses and asks her to eat food silently. Khushi covers her with a blanket and kisses her on the head. Maayi realizes it and falls asleep. Ranbir takes off his clothes.

She comes to the window after washing her hands. She says stars…Ranbir and Prachi also look at the stars. Prachi says today’s star is not breaking. Khushi says if we ask something and see the star breaking, then our wish is fulfilled. The star breaks. They see it. Khushi wishes to meet her father. Prachi wishes to have her daughter.

He imagines a Facebook scene showing him telling Prachi after Prachi’s delivery that they are a perfect family. Ranbir wants to meet his daughter and complete his family. In Prachi’s mind, I want it to be perfect always. Ranbir assures Prachi that he will not let it ruin. He tells her that Panchi will keep us united and that we will never separate. FB ends. Prachi wipes her tears. Khushi sees the sparkling star and I will get my papa.

Ashok, the chairman, comes to Prachi’s house. Shahana calls Prachi. Asked if she had melted her anger, Prachi replied, if I had it. He said he was not used to saying sorry or thank you. After getting up, he apologizes to her. He says he came here as her father, and he is now your Ashok uncle. As I refused you, I know you are upset, but it is not a big deal.

Ashok says no, and says he is promoting her, as he needs her in the Delhi office. He says my foreign-returned son just arrived and asks her to help him. Prachi says he knows what my weakness is. Shahana agrees and says she’ll go with them too. He says he’ll send Priya with her to help. Dadi says she’ll go with Prachi as well. They’ll rent a luxurious house after a week, says the chairman.

Aryan comes to Ranbir, asking what had caused the stress he was in. Ranbir then recalls him having gone to Rohit’s wedding anniversary dinner and apologizes for his forgetfulness. Aryan voices his fear at seeing him like this and encourages him to believe that even if Prachi is not present with him, he can still live; it may be painful but he should leave it up to fate. With a heavy heart, Aryan leaves as Ranbir wonders aloud why Prachi is still so much on his mind.

Dadi performs Prachi’s aarti to start the new year. Shahana arrives and says she will come later. Prachi says her office is in the south and his is in the north. Shahana asks where your office is. Prachi says Sahara Plaza. When Ranbir arrives at Sahara Plaza, the watchman asks him to park premium. After getting a call, he tells the watchman that the boss’s daughter is coming and he will pick her up. He sits in his car and waits.

Aryan’s boss calls Ranbir and tells him that his daughter is simple and does not trust anyone easily. He asks him to take a placard with her name Kaya. Ranbir assures him and tells him that he has permission to enter the airport because Aryan’s friend’s coffee shop is there. The boss wonders how to convey my daughter’s arrogance. The boss asks Aryan where Ranbir is. His friend tells him he hasn’t come. Ranbir meets Ranbir at the coffee shop. He messages Kaya to get her photo.

Prachi and Priya are on the flight. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and how Ranbir and Pallavi blamed her. Ranbir orders cappuccino coffee in the coffee shop and thinks that Prachi is his past and won’t return. She arrives there, and Ranbir senses her and turns, but they don’t see each other. She also arrives at the coffee shop, but Ranbir turns to leave. The song plays…ishq le duba…

The boss’ daughter Kaya comes to Ranbir and asks if she is Kaya. She says she doesn’t like people who don’t value time.

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