Anupama : Episode Update – Anuj meets Maaya

Anupama written update

Anupama : 29th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Shah family are together discussing about Anuj and Anupama.  Just then Vanraj walks in and tells them that Anupama is okay.  Everyone has questions about where she is.  Vanraj tells them he met her at the temple.  And he also informs that she refused to come home with him.  He blames Devika for dozing off and letting her go away.  He says he knows her better than her friends and that’s how he managed to find Anupama.  Kavya then asks for Anuj and wonders where he is.

Anuj gets up after almost banging into a car.  He gets up and gets into the car.  The driver tries to stop him but the passenger in the car recognizes him and lets him sit. 

Anupama goes to her mothers house

Anupama reaches her mother’s house. Her mother is shocked seeing her condition.  Anupama holds her mother and cannot stop crying.

Anuj is again sleeping on the sidewalk in Mumbai. 

Anupama tells her mother that her family is broken again.  Little Anu and Anuj have left her and she is left all alone. She asks her mother where should she search for her Anuj and find him. She is scared that Anuj should go so far away from her that he will never come back.

Anuj has reached Maaya’s building but the security man pushes him out seeing his condition.  Just then Maaya comes and is shocked seeing him.  She gets out of the car and takes him in her arms.

Anupama gets up with a start calling out to Anuj. She prays that Anuj is safe wherever he is and asks God to keep him safe.

Anuj goes to Mumbai to meet Maaya and Little Anu

Maaya tells Anuj that Little Anu has gone to the beach and she will be coming home soon.  He is quiet and does not reply to Maaya’s questions.  He refuses to eat or drink anything. Anuj gets up when Little Anu walks into the house. Little Anu is thrilled seeing him.  Little Anu and Anuj hug each other. Anuj tells Little Anu that he has come to see her.  She asks him why he is looking sad and sick.  He assures her that he is completely fine.  Little Anu then asks for Anupama. She thinks Anupama must be hiding somewhere in the house and planning to surprise her.  But when Anupama does not come out she asks Anuj why Anupama has not come.

Anupama wishes for Anuj to be happy wherever he is.

Hasmukh says Anupama had promised to call him but she has not yet called.  Baa comes just then back from her mothers house.  She sees everyone looking sad and asks them if they are sad seeing her.  She then guesses there is something wrong with Anuj and Anupama. 

Anupama starts dancing at home and keeps remembering her conversation with Anuj when he said he is not sure if he loves her anymore and that their relationship is just namesake now.  And how he walked out of the house leaving her all alone. She gets tired dancing but still refuses to stop till she collapses.  Her mother holds her. Her mom tells her she has to stop thinking that Anuj has left because of her.  She says she always thinks of others and hence she let Little Anu go.  She was only concerned about Little Anu’s happiness.  Her moms says she did not teach Anupama to fight for her rights.  Her mom convinces her that she is always there to support her and fight for her rights.  She promises Anupama she will not let anything untoward happen to her.

Maaya thinks that 26 years of love fell short in front of his love for his daughter.  She thinks that Anuj is not hers now but one day will soon be. 

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