Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Abhir is hospitalzed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

YRKKH 29th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhimanyu asks Muskaan about what happened to Abhir. He promises not to trouble them.  Muskaan tells him that Abhir lost his medal and he is sad and that’s why she is crying.  Abhimanyu is finding it difficult to believe her but he hopes she is right and there is nothing wrong with Abhir.

Akshara is crying and blaming herself for Abhir falling sick.  She should have stopped him from playing.  She should have listened to him when he did not want Abhir to play.  She believed Abhir when he said he was not feeling tired.  She wanted him to play and be happy and now she feels she is at fault.  Abhinav says we have made a mistake by losing hope.  We have to be strong for his sake.  Its our duty to encourage him he says.

Abhimanyu removes the locket that he had not been wearing for a long time now and wears it.

Muskaan says sorry to Abhimanyu because she has lied to him. 

Manish calls Akshara.  She is in two minds about whether to take the call and then suddenly the call by mistake gets connected.  She is crying and is unable to take and Manish and Suvarna get worried.  Abhinav takes the call and convinces them that Abhir is fine. They give him the good news that Abhir hit the goals and won the match.  He says Abhir is tired so they can talk to him the next day.

Abhimanyu tells Muskaan that Abhir must be stressed and dehydrated so he will be okay and will get well soon. 

Abhimanyu informs Aarohi that Abhir is in the hospital.  Aarohi is surprised because Manish told her that Abhir is fine and that he won the match and is tired and sleeping at home.  She says Muskaan must have misunderstood. 

Roohi comes to Abhimanyu because she wants him to teach her as he teaches like a friend and Aarohi is too strict with her.

The nurse comes to Abhinav and Akshara and tells them that they could not save their son.  Just then a doctor comes and tells the nurse that the child is not theirs.  He tells Abhinav and Akshara that Abhir is out of danger now.  Abhir and Akshara go and meet Abhir.  They are happy when he opens his eyes and they hug him.  He says he is not a sponge ball to be hugged so tight.

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