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Meet 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Priyanka and Raj are getting married, and a song plays in the background as they go through the marriage rituals. Sumeet and Shlok share a glance, recalling their weddings. Sumeet smiles, while Shlok feels remorseful for his past behavior towards Sumeet. Raj and Priyanka complete their marriage rituals.

Shlok advises Priyanka about true love and assures her Raj will always be there for her. She is unsure whether to be sad about her sister-in-law leaving or happy that she will become her brother’s wife. Priyanka becomes emotional, and Shlok advises her to take care of herself. He encourages her never to hurt her partner. Shlok acknowledges his wrongdoing to Sumeet and presents her with a sorry pamphlet, asking for forgiveness. They share an emotional hug.

As they ride, Sumeet reveals that she learned to ride a bike to emulate Meet. Shlok receives a phone alert that they are on the way to a huge problem. As a surprise, Shlok takes Sumeet to a café where he has prepared a decorated table. As they reminisce about their first coffee date, Shlok expresses his love for Sumeet, promising to fulfill her dreams and become a wonderboy. As Sumeet blushes, he declares his love loudly.

As Shlok and Sumeet dance, the music company director expresses confidence in the song’s success. Shlok feels nervous, but Sumeet encourages him, reminding him that his voice is a blessing from Goddess Saraswati. As Shlok begins recording, he feels anxious and makes mistakes. The director questions Sumeet about Shlok’s difficulty singing well. She boosts his confidence, telling him to sing from the heart.


As Sumeet tells Shlok, forget everyone here, look into my eyes and say your voice touched my heart. Shlok sings his teaser song.

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