Meet 24th February 2023 Written Update


Manmeet practices in the arena for a wrestling match. Meet walks in the arena. Everyone is shocked to see him walking in. Sundari and Anuja are in the kitchen. Jasodha walks to them and tells them to work fast from today onwards because there will be 5L extra milk for Manmeet.

It’s Shagun who walks in and says I’ll take food for Manmeet today. Jasodha blesses Shagun and says everyone should learn how to support their husband from you. Sapna gives Jashoda a tiffin and asks whether I should also bring a small tiffin for Meet. Let her die, Jasodha says. One of the wrestlers mocks Manmeet. Meet mocks the wrestler back. One of the wrestlers demands to throw Meet out of the arena. Meet tells Manmeet that your wrestler friends look scared to me.

In his words to his friends, Manmeet says, “Let her do whatever she wants, and when she fails, she will set an example for other women that women are not superior to men.” A wrestler says that the woman came to the arena because of you, so if you lose, you won’t be allowed to appear in this arena. Everyone leaves.

She tries to do exercise with weight but finds it difficult. Manmeet asks Meet to do the same. She says these are for kids, and this isn’t fun, but fun will be when I defeat you in a wrestling match. Manmeet makes her fall in one move, and says he thought of showing her a trailer to see what your condition will be in 6 days.

When Manmeet begins walking away, Meet pulls his leg and makes him fall. Manmeet holds Meet while he falls and she falls on him. The romantic song starts playing. Both lockets get stuck in each other, and they struggle to get up. Manmeet removes the locket. Shagun sees Meet and Manmeet, she shouts get up and what are you doing.

Meet teases Shagun and tells her not to come between her husband and wife. Manmeet tells Shagun not to listen to her. Shagun asks why you were so close. Meet says we were wrestling. Meet thinks to herself that now is the time to play with Shagun’s head. Manmeet asks Shagun to feed him food. Shagun takes him away from Meet. In this picture, Shagun is helping Manmeet eat his lunch. She gets up to bring him water.

Shagun observes Meet practising her punches on a sack. He says she punches it so effortlessly as if it were filled with cotton rather than sand (Meet remembers filling the sack with thermocol beans).

Shagun followed Meet and got shocked when he saw her. Meet remembers exchanging the real Mugdal with a plastic one. He walks away and starts practicing with weights. My Manmeet uses both of these hands to lift mugdal, but she is doing it with one hand, everyone was taking her lightly, but she is no less than him.

She takes the glass from Meet and drinks it. Since it is my first day, I was taking light, but I know I’ll get ready in 6 days. I’m concerned about my husband if he loses me. Yesterday, he burned his hand when he saw my name. Shagun walks away scared.

Manmeet is waiting for Shagun. Shagun says you need to just drop this wrestling challenge, there’s no need to compete with her. Manmeet says what do you think, I’m wrestling her for Guruji and when she loses, her ego will be brought down. Listen to what they are saying.

Chanda walks into Meet’s room. She says we saw you trick Shagun into your plan and give her jalebi to eat. Meet says today is the first day, but in six days I’ll brainwash her so she gives me all the documents. Manmeet is a strong player, Chanda says. Shagun, however, is stronger.

Manmeet says to Shagun, what if she wins the challenge? Shagun says she is strong. Manmeet says I am State Level Champion. Meet walks in and says Shagun is right, he is losing. Manmeet says let’s try again. In the arena, Manmeet lifts a heavy tyre and asks Mest to do the same. Shagun tells Manmeet to come get food. Shagun follows Manmeet and turns around and sees Meet lifting a tyre with one hand. Shagun becomes scared for Manmeet and walks away.

Now that my work is done, Shagun will get papers for me, and I will be out of this hell in 6 days.

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