Meet 26th February 2023 Written Update

As Meet searches for water in the kitchen, she hears something fall. Meet asks who is there? Someone disguised as Meet runs away, and falls near the main gate. Meet holds her leg to prevent her from falling. The woman kicks Meet and runs away. Meet walks back in. Everyone is standing in the hall. Jasodha asks Meet what happened, why are you shouting now that everyone is awake because of you. I came here to drink water when I saw a man coming downstairs. I tried to catch him, but he ran away. Sarkar asks what do you say. Someone came down from the upper floor.

Seeing Sarkar’s palace, Dhanraj’s wife says you must be dreaming; no one can enter. Sarkar tells everyone to go to sleep and says he wants everyone to be standing before him. Everyone walks back to their rooms. In a show, Meet says he can’t possibly be a boy with such a small foot.

Anuja meets her mother in her room. Maa says don’t worry nobody will find out it’s you. Anuja says I was very scared. You will be out of this house in a few days, Maa says, and sometimes I think Meet is right, society has advanced greatly, but we’re still fighting for our freedom, so I’m just looking forward to the day when you’ll be Anuj from Anuja.

Then I’ll undergo a sex change operation, and then you and Meghna Deedee will not encounter any difficulties here and can move into the luxury side of this house. Maa blesses us and says we must keep this a secret until everything gets normal. According to Anuja, Sarkar Tauji called everyone tomorrow, but no one knows what his plans are.

In Meet’s room, Manmeet remembers the time she spent with Meet last night and says she thinks she’s possessed again. Manmeet carefully walks to Meet and touches her. Meet laughs, and Manmeet gets scared and asks, “Are you crazy?”?”.

He asks what happened and mocks him. Manmeet replies no and avoids her. Meet says look at your face, it looks like Yamraj came to take you. Manmeet replies that men do not feel pain or fear. In his opinion, men are difficult to understand; they are always emotionless. If I had a chance, I would like you to open up to your men and find out what is wrong with you; your ego would be shattered.

Meet replies, “Did you forget I was carrying 200kg Shivling with me?”. Manmeet replies, “I remember everything about how I misunderstood you, and we girls can adjust according to our partners. Meet sits outside the house planning how to scare Shagun. Anuja walks inside. Meet stops her and asks about her class. Anuja says don’t talk to me or Jasodha will punish me.

Shagun walks up to Manmeet and asks if she’s thinking about Meet. Manmeet tries to say something. Shagun says it’s not your fault everyone is thinking about her. Shagun says I know she is nothing in front of you but she is very sharp and everyone knows that. Manmeet says come with me I’ll show you why I get scared when I think about her.

Meet in shock asks why Meghna Deedee was punished badly. Anuja says I don’t want to talk to you and what you did last night can get me into serious trouble. She removes her scandals and walks out. Meet picks it up and says the size is 5 and it matches the boy’s shoe I got last night, but I saw a boy wearing it.

Sarkar asks if everyone is here. Meet walks in. Sarkar asks who that stranger was and why he came. Jasodha shouts at everyone to answer him who that boy was. No one answers. Jasodha looks at Imarti. Imarti says that isn’t possible since I’m carrying Narendra’s child. Sarkar says that if no one answers, then you will be punished. Jasodha said I knew what punishment to give you all. As Jasodha approached Imarti, he said, “You are pregnant, so you are out.” One lie turns out to be my blessing, Imarti thinks.

Jasodha says to Anuja, Meghna her mother and Sapna I’m giving you one more chance to speak or else you’ll be in trouble. No one responds. Jasodha says you four live upstairs as punishment, you will climb up and down 100 times. Meet looks at Sapna and remembers she is pregnant.

Jasodha asks why are you taking any decisions when Sarkar is already here and asks everyone to begin with their punishment. Meet says Narendra is right why punish everyone? Jasodha shouts at four of them and they start punishing, them while Jasodha keeps a count. Meet worries about Sapna and looks at Narendra. Meet shouts enough everyone stops. Sarkar tells Meet not to interfere.

It may have been Sundari Chachi’s fault that I misunderstood someone because I was sleepy and it was night, I apologize for that. Sarkar says to keep your eyes open next time, and he walks away. Jasodha asks everyone to get back to work. Jasodha approaches Meet and takes a look at her.

She massages her legs in her room and Narendra starts massaging her leg. She asks him not to do this and asks him to remove his hand. Narendra says I cannot save you, Meet handled the situation. Sapna says that this is true, and Meet says nothing bad can happen to a good person. Narendra says I agree, but she will lose in Sarkarpur. Spana says I always pray that Meet wins the wrestling match.

As Jasodha says to Meet, you lied? Meet says to Jasodha, a woman who doesn’t understand other women’s pain, I don’t want to answer her.

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