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Raunak stuns everyone with his admission of paying for Shlok’s murder and revealing his mental stability. Sumeet recalls discovering a fake nail on Shlok and a person inside the gorilla costume. Excitedly, she informs Shagun that they have succeeded in the challenge as Raunak has confessed to being mentally sound. Concerned, Shagun asks if there is any proof. Without hesitation, Shlok plays the recording of Raunak’s confession, cautioning Shagun about potential consequences if he goes back to jail. Turning to Sumeet, she asks if they should call the police. Sumeet reassures her and reminds her that this is a reason to celebrate because her son is normal. United as a family, they declare their triumph in this task and confidently look forward to conquering the next one.

Shlok teases Sumeet, then asks why she is making her own rakhis rather than buying them. Sumeet anticipates Shagun devising more difficult challenges. In response to Shlok’s mischievous question, Sumeet explains that she has been making it since childhood and Raj has allergies to store-bought rakhis. Shlok asks whether she loves Raj or him more. Sumeet, lovingly asserts that she can’t choose between them both and loves them both equally. The family plans to celebrate Rakhi together joyfully.

Sumeet will receive the best gift from Raj, according to Pankhuri, but Priyanka believes that money is not everything. Shlok and Sumeet join the conversation, and Pankhuri inquires about Sumeet’s Rakhi celebration plans. Sumeet shares her intention to tie a rakhi to Raj then return to celebrate with them. Shlok teases her and asks her to make tea for him. When Pankhuri leaves, Shlok suggests Sumeet go to Ahlawat mansion instead of choosing.

While Priyanka recalls her encounter with Raj, her dad and Poonam agree to celebrate at the Ahlawat mansion with Sumeet’s family.

As Sumeet and Raj sing a lullaby together at the Ahlawat mansion, Raj surprises Sumeet with a video showcasing their childhood memories. Sumeet is guilty that he did not do more for Raj. As he explains the significance of Rakhi to him, Sumeet wishes Shlok and her family were present, too.

When Shlok arrives with everyone, she gets her wish. If asked about Abhay, Masoom suggests to Vani that they pretend that he is abroad. Pankhuri and Priyanka tie a rakhi to Shlok, while Sumeet and Vani tie a rakhi to Raj. Raj invites Sumeet outside for a surprise gift. As soon as she sees a bike, a cherished childhood memory, she becomes emotional. Raj expresses his confidence in her, stating that she embodies both Sumeet and Meet. Poonam praises Sumeet’s courage.

Shlok asks Raj to teach Sumeet how to ride a bike, but Sumeet quickly changes the subject. Masoom shows a solitaire ring Raj bought and hints he’s bringing a sister-in-law soon. Priyanka hopes Pankhuri won’t reveal the truth to Raj. She grows annoyed when Raunak blames her for the situation. Sumeet is excited when Raj asks if he has already proposed. Raj evades the question and takes the ring away.


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