Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi attempts to reach the AC duct once more, but ends up falling and injuring herself further. Durva assures Anvi that she will soon become a successful social media influencer and people will be asking for her autograph. Anvi expresses concern about locking Savi in a room, worrying that something serious could happen to her. However, Durva reassures her that nothing bad will occur. Ishan joins them and asks about their day at college. Durva responds positively, but admits that she doesn’t care for Savi. She explains that Savi had been speaking ill of Ishan, claiming he was inferior to Isha madam and their college was superior to Ramtek college. Durva also reveals that Savi tried to befriend several boys by flirting with them, but they were not interested and left early. Ishan warns them to stay away from Savi.

Yashwant, Shantanu, and Nishikanth travel to Mumbai to resolve their land dispute case. Harini insists that the watchman let her check the college, as Savi must be inside it. Shantanu is contacted by a watchman who informs him that a student’s sister has come to the school and says the sister has not yet returned home. Shantanu asks Harini her sister’s name and says they check the premises thoroughly before locking them. She says Savi Chavan and says that she never gets late and is not reachable.

Shantanu says he’s out of town and his son Ishan will check for him personally. Harini takes Ishan’s number. Shantanu calls Ishan and informs him that Savi has gone missing. He asks Durva and Avnvi if they saw Savi leave college today. Durva says she did. Ishan says Savi’s sister complained that she hadn’t reached home yet, so he will check out the college. Durva tries to stop him, but he leaves.

Kiran is insistent that Harini return home, as he has an early morning departure for Delhi. He swiftly escorts her away from college. Meanwhile, Ishan arrives at the college and inquires with the watchman about Harini’s whereabouts. The watchman informs him that Harini was inconsolably crying for her sister and wished to stay, but her husband took her away. Harini then contacts Ishan and implores him to search for Savi immediately. Assuring her of his updates, Ishan instructs the watchman to call upon Shukla for the keys. As Shukla appears, Ishan shares that Savi’s sister mentioned she might still be in the building. However, Shukla confidently confirms that he thoroughly checked all rooms before locking up and ridicules the idea of a ghost haunting the place. Unconvinced by Shukla’s remarks, Ishan decides to personally comb through each room while Shukla continues attempting to be comical. While searching, Savi overhears their conversation and cries out for help. Upon hearing Savi’s voice, Ishan asks Shukla to swiftly unlock the door and Shukla obliges while chanting Hanuman chalisa (

After regaining her senses, Harini and Ishan part ways. Concerned for her well-being, Ishan helps Harini sit and asks about how she became locked inside the room. Harini responds with a sarcastic remark, admitting that she had accidentally locked herself in and sustained an injury. Despite her protests, Ishan insists on administering first aid. However, Harini persists in wanting to do it herself and struggles to do so. Frustrated, Ishan questions if her act is over and offers to bandage her wound himself. At this point, Harini receives a phone call from Savi. Passing the phone to Ishan, he listens as Savi explains the situation – she was locked in a room without her phone and couldn’t reach out for help. Worried for Savi’s safety, Harini asks Ishan to stay with her until she arrives to pick her up. Agreeing to do so, Ishan asks Savi to describe what happened in detail. With anger evident in her voice, Savi reveals that some of his favorite students had bullied and confined her in the room – an action she won’t let go unpunished.


Ashwini calls Savi worried about her. Asharini’s family is out of town, Savi says that she is wandering around the streets and will find some accommodations and food at a good restaurant (with 20 rupees left). Asmita and Shikha take her home and think they will hide her until she regains consciousness. She collapses. Savi wakes up and leaves the room and sees Ishan standing.


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