Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat drives his car desperately in search of Sai, recalling her mentioning staying with Usha. He assumes that Sai doesn’t have many places to hide. Meanwhile, Sai and Saavi reach a certain location. Saavi informs Baba that they have won the game, but Sai warns that they will fall ill later. Virat continues his search for them at Usha’s house.

Usha informs him that they haven’t arrived yet. Panicked, Virat rushes out. Sheetal warmly welcomes Sai and Saavi into her house. Sai expresses her gratitude to Sheetal for letting her stay. Sheetal brings water for them. Saavi urges Sai to call Baba, but Sai insists that the game is still ongoing, and they must continue playing it.

Saavi questions how long the game will continue. Sai replies that it will last until the next night. Saavi expresses her impatience, but Sai reminds her that they can’t afford to lose the game. Reluctantly, Saavi agrees to stay and engages in playtime with Sheetal’s toddler, Aarav. Sai thanks Sheetal once again, and Sheetal feels relieved, believing that she has saved Sai from a big problem.

In his attempt to find out Sai’s whereabouts, Virat contacts his subordinate, Inspector Kadam. However, he is reminded by Kadam that the DIG has instructed him not to use official resources for personal matters. Virat then decides to contact the DIG himself, but the DIG explains that as the DCP of Nagpur, he should be aware that government employees are not allowed to misuse government machinery for personal gain.

As Virat tries to convince the DIG, the call is abruptly disconnected. The DIG recalls Sai’s previous call to him, where she explained that she left Chavan Nivas for a reason and requested that Virat not try to find her. Witnessing all the chaos, Vinu loses his balance and falls down the stairs, causing Sonali and Omkar to panic.

Virat forcefully enters Satya’s examination room while he is attending to a patient. Satya requests him to wait until he finishes with his patients. Virat interrogates Satya about Sai’s whereabouts, referring to her as his wife. Satya clarifies that he hasn’t seen Mrs Patralekha Chavan but assumes Virat is referring to his ex-wife, Sai.

Virat grabs Satya by the collar, initiating a fight. Sheetal video calls her colleague, a nurse, and witnesses the altercation between Virat and Satya, questioning what’s happening. Sai overhears this conversation.

Satya informs Sheetal’s colleague that the DCP gatecrashed his cabin and misbehaved with him. Meanwhile, Virat receives a message from Bhavani asking him to return home due to Vinu’s accident.

The doctor examines Vinu and asks if he was running when he fell. Sonali mentions that he was limping as he used to before getting braces. Ashwini expresses concern over the recent happenings. The doctor diagnoses Vinu with mental trauma and advises keeping him away from stressful situations, assuring that he will recover in a few days.

Sai calls Dr Satya from Sheetal’s phone number and apologizes on Virat’s behalf. She explains that Virat was acting frantic and searching for his wife, emphasizing the term “ex-wife.” Satya confirms that he tried to explain this to Virat, mentioning that Sai has left Virat’s house and the city, and now he needs to handle the situation. Satya encourages Sai to remain strong and not give up easily, reminding her that sometimes they need to lose battles. However, Satya reveals that there is one place Sai can go.


Satya informs Sai that Vinayak has fallen and is unable to walk properly. Virat requests Sai to treat Vinayak. In her message to Virat, Sai agrees to come and treat Vinu but asks to meet him first and have a conversation.

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