Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Virat receives a call from Pakhi informing him that she is feeling anxious since Vinu had left home uninformed yesterday and he has not been responding to her calls. She asks him to send Pakhi’s hospital address so she can go pick him up. As Virat picks up Vinu and brings him home, he asks her to cook Vinu’s favourite food. He believes that since Vinu is his biological son, he will not allow anything to happen to him.

A reporter asks Sai what is happening inside. Dr Srinivasan informs them that 2 kids have been kidnapped by a mentally ill patient. Sai panics. Sahiba calms her down. She calls Virat and asks him to bring a girl whose number she is forwarding to him. Virat asks if the kids are okay. Sai hopes so and asks him to bring the girl as soon as possible.

Roohi’s phone is not reachable. Sai checks Pratap’s social media accounts and finds Pratap and Ruhi’s pictures. Sahiba says he could not have imagined that such a lively man would become a monster. Seeing Ruhi holding a heart-shaped showpiece, she asks Mahira if she can make it for her. She also messages Ruhi that Pratap has kidnapped 2 innocent kids.

After watching the news, Mohit informs Pakhi. Virat reaches the hospital and asks Sai what is happening. Sai informs Virat that Pratap has kidnapped their kids. Ruhi changed her phone number and now lives in Mumbai, but she refused to help them. He asks Dr Srinivasan if there is a way to go inside. Dr Srinivasan explains there is a ventilator high up.

Upon entering the building, Virat asks Sai to keep Pratap busy in talks while he enters the ventilator duct via rope and asks Dr Srinivasan to turn off the electricity. Mahira makes the showpiece.

Then Sai tries to convince Pratap to release her children as they are trying to reach Ruhi. Pratap claims it is their responsibility to bring Ruhi to him. Sai explains that Ruhi had to marry someone when she heard about his death news and she cannot leave the person who held her hand.

Dr Srinivasan switches off the power. Pratap warns Sai that he will kill her children. Sai says love means sacrifice. Pratap says he does not have to learn a lesson about love from her. As there is a power outage in the whole area, oxygen cylinders fall towards children, and they shout for help. Sai pleads with Pratap not to harm her children.

In a video call, Pratap warns Virat that he will kill Vinu if he enters the building. Virat promises not to enter but enters silently. Mohit tries to stop Pakhi from entering the hospital, saying she still hasn’t recovered post-surgery. Pakhi stops when she gets severe stomach pain.

Pratap gets emotional seeing the showpiece and recalls Ruhi gifting it to him. Sai convinces him to open the door and walks in. Pratap asks Virat to go ahead and release him from his pain by jumping in through the window and overpowering him. Virat points a gun at Pratap and says that he will kill him for harming his children.

Seeing Pratap as one who sacrificed his hand for the country, Sai asks Virat to spare him. Virat embraces Vinu and cries loudly. Pratap asks Sai why she saved him. Sai replies that she once loved someone.

The precap: Virat tells Sai that we saved our children, our Vinu. Sai asks what Vinu means. Pulkit contacts Virat to inform him that Pakhi’s condition is critical. Sai asks Virat again what he meant by Vinu.

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