Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2023 Written Update

Rhea is anxiously trying to call Ranbir, while Akshay is trying to call Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi both turn to the side when Rhea asks Ranbir if he is fine since she discovered they both were trapped in the lift. When the lift suddenly falls a couple more floors, Preeta informs Akshay that she is fine.

Rhea starts running when she bumps into Dida who asks what has happened, and Rhea hesitantly attempts to explain that Ranbir is in trouble so she will help him. Rhea tells Dida she will explain everything later, but she has to leave. Dida smiles and says she got angry after she announced their marriage, and she has let go of her anger only because she really loves Ranbir, which is why she is going to help him. Rhea loves Ranbir, so it is not easy for Dida to let go of the past and move on.

Akshay is still struggling to open the lift when his dad comes, asking what all the fuss is about. Akshay explains that Prachi is trapped inside. His father immediately rushes off to find the electrician, who says he was just getting a crucial tool. Coming out of the lift, Akshay tells him that if anything were to happen to Prachi, he would not forget it in a hurry. He criticizes him for not leaving a note informing that there was work being done on the elevator, in an office building where people are constantly coming and going. He orders the electrician to go fetch his tools ASAP.

In the lift, Akshay calls Prachi, asking her to reply to him, thinking that he should not have let her go alone since he knew she was angry with him, but he should have let her scold him or even do whatever she needed.

In spite of Akshay’s efforts, the phone won’t connect, Ashok smiles and thinks Prachi should know how much his son cares for her. As she might have found a lot of people who love Akshay, but no one likes him, he comes to Akshay explaining that he shouldn’t worry because the love he has for her will have a lot of strength, so he shouldn’t worry.

When Ranbir sees the files on the floor, he hits the lift again, so he asks Prachi what’s going on, and she replies that she was going to put the files in the car, as she doesn’t need them in the office. She is about to get married to her boss, so Ranbir asks her why she has to work.

Prachi asks if he means she got all this success because of Akshay. Ranbir tries to assure her that he did not mean it that way, but Prachi explains he will never understand Mr Ashok or Akshay as they tend to keep their personal and professional lives separate, and know how to find talent even if people do not know how to work.

He says he has understood what she is trying to tell him, Prachi asks what he understood, and Ranbir replies he has understood why she is praising him, Prachi mentions he even has a problem when she praises them and they deserve it, Ranbir replies he is glad she finally found someone she likes,

Ranbir says even though she is finally getting what she desires, Prachi replies just like he is getting what he desires, Ranbir asks what Prachi is saying, she explains he is getting married to Rhea. As Ranbir mentions that Rhea is also worthy of respect because she is a nice girl who doesn’t argue, Prachi replies that she knows what Rhea is like and Ranbir picked her because she doesn’t argue.

Once again, the lift moves, and they both sit down after holding hands.

Dida is with her sister, who explains she was worried because Rhea always prayed for Ranbir wherever they went, and she even got excited when she returned and they announced the wedding, but her behaviour with Ranbir changed after that.

In Dadi’s opinion, Prachi should accept Akshay’s proposal since he is a very nice person who will keep her happy, Sahana points out that she understands the logic but it is up to Prachi because she feels that Prachi still loves Ranbir. According to Dida, Prachi still loves Ranbir because when she announced their marriage, they should have seen Ranbir’s face because he was shocked and even Prachi was amazed.

It’s not good for Ranbir and Prachi to be together, Dadi tells Sahana. Sahana is shocked when Dadi explains that whenever they get closer, it ends up causing a lot of problems for Ranbir.

Also, Dida tells her sister that Rhea still loves Ranbir a lot. As soon as she found out Ranbir got stuck in the lift, she ran to help him without thinking and is just worried since neither of them has called her. Pallavi asks what she just said about Ranbir getting stuck in the lift.

They finally sit down thinking that they are safe, Ranbir says Akshay would not remain fine since he is about to get married to her, so it is his strength that he has lived with her for so long. Informing Ranbir that Akshay will call him in two days to ask why he helped him propose her, Prachi angrily asks the same question.

Prachi asks why did Ranbir not refuse Rhea, to which Ranbir replies why does she keep asking him these counter questions since she likes him. As the lift falls again, Prachi panics and he explains that she must keep talking to him, she asks if he thinks they are arguing.

After a while, Prachi asks if they can stop talking like this. Ranbir asks what happened, she reveals she’s feeling claustrophobic, Ranbir shares even Chief had the same issue, and mentions she’s just like her father.

Ranbir asked Prachi to recall the happiest moment in her life. She thought of the time she gave birth to her daughter Panchi. Though their daughter was with them only briefly, not a single day has gone by when Prachi did not remember her – revealing that Panchi would have been six years old today. Ranbir looked in the mirror after holding her and said it was a perfect picture, but he refused and pulled Prachi closer, commenting that now they were a perfect family.

She tells Ranbir that she does not fear dying since both her parents and even her daughter have died, so she does not have anyone in this world. Prachi hugs Ranbir after getting emotional, and he also embraces her.

When Rhea reaches the office, she asks the receptionist if Ranbir and Prachi have come out of the lift, but is told they are still stuck. Rhea then asks Akshay if they are both out of the lift. Akshay shares that he is just discussing a plan with the technician, who informs him that the plan is very risky because he would be able to stop the lift, but if it doesn’t happen then it will go up twice as fast.

While Akshay refuses to take such a big risk, he agrees when the technician informs him it is the biggest risk of his life.

She slowly gets back when Ranbir tells her he is not by her side, but is always there for her, they both are emotional when he tells her there is nothing to worry about because he is with her.

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