Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode opens with Ranbir at the hospital. Poorvi inquires about his wife and daughter, noticing their absence through his reactions. She explains her observation, saying she senses that he’s missing both of them. Ranbir wonders if she’s a teacher, as only a teacher could explain things so clearly. Poorvi reveals that she’s currently undergoing training to become a teacher, and shares her own experience of finding her father. She then asks him again if he missed his wife and daughter, to which Ranbir replies affirmatively, adding that they used to live together 20 years ago.

It is a sad question for Poorvi to ask, why did you separate? Ranbir says they wanted to stay together, but an accident happened, and everything changed, but one thing remained…that memory. He says even now when I think about it, my heart hurts. I couldn’t forget it. She gives him tissue paper. Ranbir says my blood…Poorvi asks what? Ranbir says my blood may have fallen on you. Poorvi says it was my blood that caused my injuries. How do you spell your name, she asks?

After mentioning his real name, Ranbir introduces himself as Krishna Kakkar. Poorvi takes care of the hospital formalities for the new patient. Prachi, concerned for her colleague, turns to Divya, who explains that she has a single daughter and expresses her fear of a potential heart attack due to high blood pressure. Manpreet advises Divya to stay positive. Despite being unsure of what happened, Divya is joined by Diya, who spots Ashutosh and her mother at the hospital. Prachi notices Diya and inquires about her destination. As Poorvi is asked to pay a 5K bill for the private hospital, she plans on making a phone call. In the meantime, Diya requests for water and is comforted by Divya as they discuss Poorvi’s situation. Just then, Poorvi reaches out to Diya over the phone.

Diya informs Prachi that she is surrounded by a tiger and tigress. After taking the call, Prachi inquires Poorvi’s whereabouts. Poorvi replies that she is currently at the hospital and explains that she brought some patients there with the assistance of someone else. She reveals that she has been asked to pay a bill of 5 K and requests her to break open her piggy bank for the money, while also asking for any additional amount if possible. Upon hearing this, Prachi offers to visit her at the hospital. However, before Prachi can arrive, Ranbir appears to pay off the bill. Concerned, Poorvi urges him not to do so as he has already helped her enough. She assures him that her mother is on her way to settle the payment. Observing the situation, Ranbir remains silent.

RV informs Yug that he suspects someone purposely colluded with Ravan. Jassi, who has been tailing them, instructs the goon to drive the car. However, the goon expresses his reluctance, citing an inauspicious day. Jassi reprimands him while Ranbir questions why they shouldn’t pay. Poorvi reminds him of his past generosity and suggests splitting the bill evenly. The nurse interjects, stating that payment is required before treatment can commence. Ranbir agrees to cover the cost upfront, with the understanding that Poorvi will reimburse him later for half of the amount. She seeks assurance from him and he gives his word. She playfully mentions her trademark phrase about promises, which impresses Ranbir enough to jokingly claim ownership from her mother and copyright it. Meanwhile, Prachi arrives at the scene and is aware of Ranbir’s presence.

As Jaassi sees RV enter the Police station, Ranbir tells Poorvi he has a meeting and must leave. Poorvi asks him to leave, and she asks how she will pay for it. He says later. She says Papa. As Ranbir turns to her, Poorvi explains that if her Papa was alive, he would have been like him.

RV expresses to the Inspector his concerns about potential interference with the Ravan, noting its inclination towards the pandal. The Inspector inquires if there were any damages, pointing out his role as a sponsor. RV laments that lives could have been at risk, but thankfully a girl intervened. Yug playfully pokes fun at RV for recalling her name. The Inspector assures he will investigate. Just as Jassi is about to strike RV with a hockey stick, she notices the Inspector emerging and halts her actions. He signals to her and she understands. Meanwhile, Prachi arrives at the hospital and Ranbir senses her presence, exclaiming her name.


Poorvi watches Diya tell Poorvi that she chose RV not Ashutosh when she asked her to choose one.


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