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The Episode opens with Payal dialing Rudra’s number. He answers the call and immediately states that he has no interest in talking to her, so she should refrain from calling. However, Payal continues to persist and calls him once again. Annoyed, Rudra answers and tells her not to follow him around. Payal declares that her luck has not turned yet and asks if Rudra has forgotten who he is. He responds by saying that it is impossible for him to forget and remarks that she will constantly remind him. She then invites him to meet her tomorrow, offering 600 Rs. In response, Rudra asks for 1000 Rs instead. Payal argues that it is just a one-day job, after which she won’t have to see his face ever again.

Bindiya enters the kitchen and inquires about Krishna ji’s food preferences from the Servant. The latter replies that he has a fondness for burgers. Bindiya remarks that it is also her sister Pallu’s favorite dish and recalls how their mother used to make them eat it when they were children. She mentions that even Krish and Payal have similar tastes. Curious to learn how to make burgers, she requests the Servant to teach her the recipe. As he guides her, she puts her own twist by adding chutney to the mix. However, the Servant suggests adding mayo for added flavor. Bindiya expresses her gratitude and acknowledges how much respect they deserve. In return, she says they should all be thankful to him. Once done, Bindiya prepares other arrangements while waiting for Krishna ji’s verdict on her homemade burger. Satisfied with the outcome, she eagerly awaits Krish’s arrival in the kitchen.

As the familiar notes of the Zehnaseeb song fill the air, she envisions Krish’s arrival. In her mind, he embraces her lovingly and compliments her beauty. Curious, he asks if she was eagerly awaiting his return. With a smile, she confirms this to be true. He then inquires about what delicious meal she has prepared for him today. Proudly, Bindiya responds that it is his favorite dish – a burger. Krish wonders where it is and Bindiya promises to fetch it for him. Shortly after, she returns with the food and Krish insists that she take the first bite. But before they can continue their playful banter, the sound of a car horn interrupts their happy reunion. Bindiya rushes to the balcony in excitement and sees Krish approaching their home. However, his face immediately darkens as he recalls his unpleasant encounter with the canteen guy and Bindiya’s previous words about him.

Bindiya places the burger on the beautifully decorated table before turning her attention to Krish, who is headed towards Payal’s room. To her surprise, Payal shuts the door just as Bindiya arrives. Krish gently puts his hand on Payal’s shoulder and inquires about her actions. “What did I do now?” Payal asks in response. Just as Bindiya knocks and enters the room, she questions why Payal is there when she was waiting for her in their own room. Payal explains that jiju assumed she was here and came to check on her. Bindiya remarks that he should have verified first as a wife would wait for her husband in their designated room. She then invites Krish to come with her while telling Payal to go rest.

As Krish leaves, Bindiya goes behind him. Payal wonders what Krish wanted to ask me. Krish enters his room. Bindiya tells him that she has learned to make new stuff and has made it too. She asks him to see his favorite burger and asks him to eat it and tell her how it is. He says he is not hungry. She asks him to eat it and tells him that if there is any error, I will fix it next time. Krish asks whether I upset my stomach, since you have made it for the first time. Bindiya gets upset.

As she lights the candles, Krish enters the room having changed and notices Bindiya receiving unfair punishment. Without hesitating, he kindly asks her to halt. He admires her effort and assures her that even if it upsets his stomach, he’ll still enjoy it. Bindiya insists he sits and indulge in the meal. After taking a bite, Krish apologizes for his earlier statement. However, Bindiya dismisses his apology. Krish then thanks her for the delicious burger and inquires about why she seemed anxious. She explains that it brings her joy to do something special for him. Krish agrees that the burger is quite tasty and enjoyable. Suddenly, they both hear grumbling noises from Bindiya’s stomach. Krish jokes whether she had eaten anything beforehand.

Bindiya requests Krish to join her for a meal, but he suggests having a burger. However, she declines and suggests having something else instead. Despite her initial hesitation, Krish encourages her to try the burger which she ends up enjoying. Bindiya expresses that she always wants to see Krish happy because his smile is beautiful. After finishing the burger, Bindiya insists that Krish takes a rest while she cleans up in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Krish makes sure to reach out to Payal by texting her during the night and inviting her to meet him on the terrace. Upon receiving his message, Payal wonders why he wants to meet her there, but is pleased nonetheless.


Payal thinks to take advantage of the situation and moves hair from her shoulder to woo him. Krish comes near her. Bindiya is arriving.

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