Suhaagan 8th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Baldev intervening as Payal attempts to participate in the puja with Krish and Bindiya. He politely reminds her that the newly married couple should complete the rituals first. Payal apologizes, explaining that she had misunderstood his earlier instructions. Baldev clarifies, referring specifically to Krish and Bindiya as the “new couple.” The pair then kneel before the deity, offering their prayers with folded hands. Afterward, Bindiya distributes prasad from the temple to everyone present. She proudly shares that she had put her heart into preparing the meal, despite not being aware of everyone’s preferences. Finally, everyone takes their seats for a delicious meal together.

Then Indu asks where are the ceramic vessels, and who took out copper vessels. It is good for bones and blood to eat food in copper vessels, Bindiya says, and Indu agrees. Bindiya serves food to everyone, then Sakshi stops her and says she is fasting intermittently. She whispers to Vikram to have less food, since she has added so much salt and chilli. Baldev requests that Bindiya sit down.

The food is tasted by everyone, and they close their eyes. Payal thinks the food doesn’t seem to appeal to them. Krish praises the halwa saying it’s just like Dadi used to make it. Baldev says you remind me of my mother. Bindiya says she grinds the masala on silbatta, and makes ghee herself for the halwa. Sakshi asks what’s in the kitchen. The servant says Bhabhi served the food already on the table, and she has kept this food for the staff.

He is scolded by Sakshi and asked to leave. Sakshi says she doesn’t know how she keeps getting saved. Bindiya makes Payal eat food. Bindiya touches their feet and takes their blessings. Payal thinks this drama will end soon, so I can start my own drama. Baldev says all of them had delicious food and says he will give her a prize. Bindiya says she doesn’t have anything. Indu says you don’t like jewellery and you’re happy with your mother’s chain. Bindiya is asked what she wants by Baldev.

Bindiya informs Baldev that there is a lack of computers in Chiraiyya village and expresses her desire for the school to have one so that all the children can gain technical knowledge. She mentions having already approached Master ji and Sarpanch ji, with no response. Baldev responds by assuring her that he will take care of getting a computer for the school and commends her for her thoughts. He then asks Krish to offer Bindiya some compensation, but she declines saying she doesn’t need anything. Baldev insists that it would be fair to do so. Just then, Sakshi returns and requests some food, but Vikram informs them that it has already been consumed.

Bindiya informs the group that she has prepared a meal not just for them but also for the staff, and Bindiya plans to bring it over. Baldev comments on Bindiya’s thoughtfulness towards the servants. Sakshi approaches the lady servant and asks her to complete a task, offering to pay her 1000 Rs. Meanwhile, Bindiya serves food onto a plate and turns away. The servant arrives and pours water into some vessels, causing Bindiya to turn back and catch a glimpse of her. The servant quickly lies, pretending she slipped. Realizing that the food is now ruined, Bindiya steps out of the room and brings the contaminated plate to Sakshi. She explains that unfortunately, the food did not turn out well this time, but assures her that she will prepare another meal for the staff later on.

Sakshi struggles to eat her food. Payal then announces her desire to share something with the group, thanking them for allowing her to stay. She mentions her appreciation for her brother-in-law’s kind nature and acknowledges that she must leave soon. Krish expresses concern for Payal’s health, but she insists on taking care of herself. As she prepares to leave, Payal hopes someone will intervene before she goes. Bindiya offers to assist Pallu, while Krish urges Baldev to stop Payal as she seems distressed. Despite her hopes of being stopped, Payal wonders about her next course of action.

As Indiya and Payal climb the stairs, Payal gets an idea to slip and fall. As she sits on the stairs and falls, Bindiya asks Payal to show her foot. Payal cries and thinks she will endure the pain, but I’ll see who throws me out of here. Krish comes running and tells Bindiya to move. He lifts Payal and makes her lie on the sofa. He asks Vikram to call a doctor right away, fearing she might fracture. Payal thinks she will win by helping herself.

Baldev tells Bindiya not to worry and asks her to go to pagphera rasam. Bindiya says I will call Dadi and tell him I can’t come today. Baldev says we will take care of your sister, the doctor is coming, and he asks if you trust me? Krish looks shocked when Baldev asks Bindiya to go to the pagphera rasam with him. Krish thinks Payal is trying to separate them, but they get closer together.


In a message to Payal, Krish tells her that he got married to Bindiya with her in mind, but now everything has changed. Payal thinks she won’t let anything change. Bindiya tells her you’ll get me in all of the children’s lives.


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