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In this episode, Payal arrives at Chiraiyya in an auto. The driver says the auto cannot go beyond this point, as water is filled on the way. She gets off and starts walking. Krish falls in the pit, and she says he’s just mine, and neither Bindiya nor anyone can take him away from her. As Krish approaches Bindiya, he imagines Payal. Ishq ki baarish huyi plays….Payal is approaching. As Krish is about to kiss Bindiya, Payal knocks on the door at the same time.

As Krish takes a step back, he realizes that the person in front of him is not Payal, but Bindiya. He immediately regrets his previous mistake. Bindiya then opens the door, causing Payal to fake a faint and collapse to the ground. Seeing this, Krish rushes over to her. Meanwhile, Sakshi informs Vikram that Krish and Payal were classmates in college, yet they act as if they don’t know each other. Vikram dismisses her concerns, but Sakshi insists that Payal snatched her ID card away and urges him to wait for Bindiya’s arrival before drawing any conclusions. Finally, Krish places Payal on the bed and breaks down into tears.

As Bindiya wipes Payal’s hair, she asks what happened. Immediately, Payal opens her eyes and is relieved to see that she has arrived at the right time. Not wanting to give up on her plan just yet, she pretends to be unconscious and requests some rest. Krish suggests changing Payal’s clothes and Bindiya sadly remarks how the guy has ruined her smile. However, Krish gives reassurance that everything will eventually be sorted out. In the meantime, Payal secretly observes them. Sensing the awkwardness in the situation, Bindiya asks Krish where he plans on sleeping for the night. He kindly replies that he’ll sleep outside and reminds her to take care of Pallu. Feeling touched by his concern, Payal realizes that she still has a chance to use their car and enter back into his life.

The next morning, Dadi, Phoolmati, and Rose return home and find Bindiya performing the tulsi puja. She urges them to keep quiet as Payal and Krish are still asleep inside. This news shocks them all. Suddenly, Payal awakens and glances at Krish. She envisions a future in which he kicks the traditional Bindiya out of his life and makes her his wife, allowing her to live a life of luxury. Trying to gain sympathy, she feigns tears. Krish joins them and inquires about the commotion. To her surprise, Payal calls him “jiju” (brother-in-law). He implores her not to be dramatic and asks if their father said something upsetting. Payal denies it, claiming that everyone has been taking good care of her. However, she confesses that it pains her to think that he and his family could have been a part of hers.

Phoolmati and Dadi inform Bindiya that Payal has been displaying this behavior since she was a child. Bindiya expresses her concern for Payal’s mental well-being, to which Dadi responds by warning Bindiya that providing shelter to Payal may result in sacrificing her own home. She reminds Bindiya of how Payal used to demand ownership over all of her belongings but now, her husband and in-laws are different matters altogether. Despite Payal’s protests of not wanting to burden anyone, Krish insists on fulfilling his responsibility towards her and assures her that she will have both him and Bindiya for support. Dadi resolves to prevent Payal from leaving, but Krish is determined to take her with him, no matter who tries to stop him.

Bindiya attempts to coax Payal into eating, but Payal declines. Concerned, Bindiya inquires about the reason behind her refusal. Payal reiterates that there is nothing left for her. Bindiya recalls her baba’s advice and assures her that everything will eventually be alright. Payal expresses her fear of having to witness her beloved with someone else. Empathetic, Bindiya shares how much she loves Krishna ji and cannot tolerate the thought of being separated from him. Payal plots to separate Bindiya from Krish, to the extent that she won’t even be able to catch a glimpse of him. Slightly regretful, she apologizes for ruining their romantic evening. However, Bindiya remains optimistic and reminds her that she cannot ruin anything, urging her to find happiness instead.

Payal is asked to go back with Jiju, while Krish insists that they leave. Despite Payal’s initial refusal, Dadi expresses gratitude for their help and offers to take care of her. However, Krish feels that Payal would benefit from staying with Bindiya, who also agrees and suggests talking to Bau ji about it. Ultimately, Krish asks Payal to get ready as they prepare to leave. Meanwhile, Payal worries about not being able to fulfill her desire for wealth if she stays behind.


Bindiya tells Payal that it is her place. She sits with Krish in the jeep.

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