Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st September 2023 Written Update


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Sahiba runs away in fear as Rumi drives his jeep towards him. Rumi thinks Sahiba had told Riddhi that she was an independent woman, so why did she speak to Angad; she should accept him and forget about him. After falling down, Sahiba pleads for help. Rumi slaps himself, thinking he can’t harm his Sahiba, after seeing Sahiba with Angad. He drives away and calls his mother.

Rumi tells his mother that he made a mistake and shouldn’t have tried to harm Sahiba, but he gets angry every time he sees Sahiba with Angad; he should be punished.

Sahiba gets into an auto and notices Rumi walking on the road speaking over the phone. She calls him, but he continues lost in his thought. Rumi asks his mother what punishment should be. When a biker hits him, he falls and is injured in his forehead. The biker apologizes and offers help. Rumi notices his forehead bleeding and tells his mother he has received his punishment.

Manveer refuses to eat until Angad returns. Veer believes that Seerat will not be able to convince Angad since Angad won’t listen to anyone.

As Seerat enters, Japjyoth asks if she has also failed to bring Angad home. Angad walks in. Seerat says Angad is here. Manveer is happy and thanks Seerat for keeping her promise. Angad then curses Sahiba and asks to divorce her. Sahiba’s side is taken by Inder, who says divorce isn’t a solution; Angad should resolve his differences with Sahiba, convince her, and bring her back home.

As Sahiba did not respect his words, Angad says he doesn’t care. Manveer says it wasn’t Angad’s fault since they forced him to marry Sahiba, but she feels it would have been better if they had gotten him married to Seerat instead, as Seerat understands him better.

She is happy when she hears that and thinks that the whole family has been affected by Sahiba except for Manveer, and she needs to impress him more in order to get Angad. Maid informs her that Manveer is calling her. She meets Manveer and says she prepared soup for her. Manveer offers her a diamond necklace for making a mother happy.

Seerat hesitates. Manveer insists. She accepts and leaves, asking her to finish her soup. Ajith calls her and asks what happened between Sahiba and Angad as Sahiba doesn’t want to disclose anything. Seerat says she cannot know anything about a husband and wife problem. Ajith tells her about Sahiba’s art exhibition and asks her to attend it.

It’s good Sahiba didn’t invite Angad. Seerat thinks it’s a good thing Sahiba didn’t invite Angad. Sahiba returns to the hostel room recalling the road incident. Rumi looks at her on his phone and thinks he will get her soon.


The parcel contained Angad’s watch and blood-stained shirt with the note that he had taken Angad out of her life and now she belonged to him. Sahiba ran on the road worried about Angad. Rumi stopped his jeep and asked her what she was doing. Sahiba told Rumi Angad’s life was in danger. Rumi told her to get into his jeep, he would help her. She got into it and he smiled.

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