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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

While Shiv is being taken to the police station, Manorama drags Shakti away from him. Keertan calls Mandira and says you are great, and he is sent to the station. Mandira says he must pay for going against me. Keertan says what are you doing? ‘I’m not a fool like you,’ she says. She says, “Come home, and let me ask you the question of when did you start getting interested in cheap things?” Keertan says Shakti. Mandira says, “Don’t take her name.”.

The groom’s family sits there when Manorama comes home with Shakti. She shouts, “You’re going crazy, who is this Shiv that you’re worried about?” as she turns around to see the groom’s family. The groom’s brother says we saw the news. Manorama asks why we can’t do the wedding now. The groom says we have to talk. His brother says we can’t do this now.

Shiv is locked up by the inspector. The inspector says you are mistaken, I was just trying to save Shakti. Shiv says you are wrong, you are making people distrust the police. The inspector gets a call saying don’t worry, no one can get him out of the jail. Shiv thinks who would do this?

Upon receiving a call, Ragunath is taken aback. The entire family is concerned about Shiv’s well-being. Koyal plays a news report showing Shiv being arrested due to his alleged affair with a girl. Ragunath confirms that Shiv is currently in police custody. Mandira suggests that it could be a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, everyone receives numerous calls regarding the situation. Nandu advises Ragunath to go and see Shiv, but instead rebukes him and orders him to stick by Shiv’s side constantly, as previously instructed.

Nandu cries, Ragunath says if you want to stay in this house, then do what I say, don’t try to be a freeloader. Padma cries and tells Gayatri that I must stay silent as a guest here. Dadi asks Ragunath to stop. Shiv is making me crazy, he went to that girl and didn’t even think of our honor, what does she have that Shiv is going nuts for?

Manorama is making an effort to persuade the groom that Rimjhim possesses admirable qualities. However, the groom’s attention shifts to Shakti as he recalls her plea for him to reject the marriage. Despite Manorama’s constant pleas, the groom apologizes and explains that their decision has been influenced by recent news. His brother adds that no man would want to marry their daughters now. Disappointed, the groom heads off with his family until he suddenly asks if he could speak with Rimjhim. She agrees, but then he clarifies and asks if he can talk to Shakti instead, leaving everyone in shock.

Dadi requests Ragunath to accompany his brother and bring Shiv out of jail. Mandira offers to go as well, comforting Gayatri by assuring her that she will save Shiv. She declares that he is her son too, and promises to bring him back safely. As she prepares to leave, she secretly plans to teach him a lesson for his arrogant claim of having more power than her. Gayatri consoles Nandu before he goes to check on Shiv. Dadi expresses her concern about the family’s turmoil and shares her fear of history repeating itself. She wonders who this girl could be.

Shiv is telling the inspector that he is a public servant and shouldn’t do all this. The inspector says then let me serve you. Shiv glares at him, the inspector says I’ll teach you a lesson. Ragunath comes over and says, “How dare you talk to my son like that?” As the inspector sees him, he gets scared. Ragunath shouts, “do you even know who he is?” Shiv says he’s fine, but the inspector is corrupt. Nandu sees bruises on his hands.

The inspector is asked to bring him out by Ragunath. He tells the inspector that there is a big charge against him and that the news about him means we cannot leave him. Ragunath claims he is a doctor, not a criminal. Shiv says he is lying, he was talking to someone on the phone and said he wouldn’t let me leave. Mandira asks the lawyer if he brought the bail papers? The lawyer says we didn’t get them. All are shocked.


Manorama says to Shakti that she will not be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Shakti begs, but first I want to meet Dr. Shiv. Manorama asks her who he is.

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